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DCARS Summary:

- A concept-based text retrieval system
- Developing for intelligence analysts at the National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC), WPAFB
- Uses ConQuest, a high quality Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) product, as text retrieval engine

DCARS Goals:

- To reduce the time & effort it takes analysts to find relevant documents & data from text
- To reduce the volume of irrelevant documents retrieved (high precision)
- To be adaptable to new domains (topic areas)
- To incorporate "lower risk" technology, to maximize chances of helping analysts

How DCARS Supports the Warfighter

- Bomb Damage Assessments (BDAs) & Quick Response Tasks (QRTs)

DCARS' Key Features:

- A variety of search methods, including:

- A variety of search features, including:

- Data visualization techniques to:

- Adaptability to new domains

- Incorporation of promising information retrieval technology

Status: Completing operational prototype for NAIC working closely with Intel analysts.

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Contractor: Calspan/Buffalo NY 14225/Program Mgr./(716) 631-6844 Lab Program Mgr: AFRL/IFE/(315) 330-4518, DSN 587-4518/29 Apr 96

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