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The drug news "Bot" app, for android mobiles

The "Bot" app for android mobiles!

Bot: drug-policy news feeds, analysis and more

The main screen is a listing of channels (news feeds) that we can set up. The app comes with the Bot's default news feed already pre-configured and ready to use.,. Clicking on a news feed here takes us to that feed.

Over 450 Real-time Drug-policy News Feeds

Here's a Bot news feed.

Drilled down to an article. For mobiles (like android), the bot site now serves up simpler pages without header or side-bars.

Some things you can do while viewing a news feed.

More things you can do while viewing a news feed.

Feeds can update themselves automatically, using the"auto-update" feature. It beeps (optionally) when new items arrive in a feed you're viewing with auto-update.

Sharing a news feed. News feeds can be meaningfully shared because the feeds are standard RSS.

Drug-policy news feed topics

Here's how we can set up news feeds (from bot's over 450 drug-policy topical feeds).

Selecting a feed from one of Bot's topics (concepts) ...

Drug-policy Topic/Concept Browser

Another way to select a feed is to use the concept browser, which uses the hierarchy (the "trees" formed by concepts and their sub-concepts) to browse topics using their relationships.

Drilling down to the "LEAP" concept using the concept browser.

The LEAP concept, selected.

And here's the main page again, showing the newsbot "LEAP" feed that we just added.

And here's viewing the new bot feed we just set up.

Things we can do on the main (channel select) page.

More things we can do. Like select the mapinc.org news feed.

And here's what the main/initial Bot app page looks like now with the added mapinc.org news feed.

Viewing the new (mapinc) news feed.

Play Bot Podcasts

The Bot app also makes playing the Bot's many daily audio podcasts a snap!

Text Analysis - drug-policy analysis of text

The Bot app's "analyze text" page. Here's where you can paste in text and the Bot (site) will analyze its drug-policy -related key words and terms.

Paste in or enter some text (or a url), and click "analyze text".

Text analysis result, using the Bot site which is serving an html page optimised for mobiles.

Camera Analysis - drug-policy analysis using the android camera

With Bot's "analyze camera" feature, the Bot app can analyze drug-related text the android camera sees.

Click "analyze" when some drug-related text is in view of the camera...

Click view to see the results...

Drug-related text analysis identifies drugs, drug-war rhetoric, and more. Output (on that page) includes propaganda analysis, charts, explanations, links to background material.

Audio Analysis - drug-policy analysis from what you speak

You can just speak something drug-related, and Bot will analyze it, too.

Click, and speak some drug-related utterance...

Select for drug-policy analysis....

And view the results!

the Bot app - available at google play!

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