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US: Brandon Sun -- Breaking News, Sports, Manitoba, Canada

Found: Wed May 15 02:02:15 2024 PDT
Source: Brandon Sun (CN MB)
Copyright: 2024, Brandon Sun
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Brandon Sun -- Breaking News, Sports, Manitoba, Canada Brandon Sun -- Breaking News, Sports, Manitoba, Canada

May 15, 2024


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Brandon police seize $800K of crystal meth 1 minute read Preview

Brandon police seize $800K of crystal meth 1 minute read 3:00 AM CDT

Brandon Police Service seized about $800,000 worth of crystal methamphetamine from a commercial vehicle earlier this month.

Around noon on May 8, BPS officers conducted a traffic stop with a commercial vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway in Brandon.

During the traffic stop, police say the driver "became suspicious" and police believed that he may have been in possession of an illicit substance.

A police service dog, Storm, was deployed and gave a positive indication for controlled substances. Read 3:00 AM CDT

With the help of police dog Storm, Brandon Police Service officers seized about $800,000 worth of crystal meth from a commercial truck driving on the Trans-Canada Highway earlier this month. The driver, who is from Ontario, was arrested on trafficking charges. (Submitted)

PUB approves water rate deficit rider By Colin Slark 2 minute read Preview

PUB approves water rate deficit rider By Colin Slark 2 minute read 3:00 AM CDT

analysis of article text

prohibitionist hits:0 government drug warrior (prohibition_agency) hits:9 propaganda (drugwar_propaganda) hits:4 legalization hits:0 drug_reformer hits:0 reform_referenda hits:0 cannabis hits:0 stimulant hits:12 narcotic hits:0 hallucinogen hits:0
    prohibitionist     prohibition_agency     drugwar_propaganda     legalization     drug_reformer
    reform_referenda     cannabis     stimulant     narcotic     hallucinogen

incarceration/prison mentioned? yes .

propaganda analysis

explicit prohibition propaganda (explicit_propaganda) hits:0 hated group (propaganda_theme1) hits:0 madness, violence, illness (propaganda_theme2) hits:0 survival of society (propaganda_theme3) hits:0 gateway, use is abuse (propaganda_theme4) hits:0 children (propaganda_theme5) hits:1 demonize, war, epidemic (propaganda_theme6) hits:0 total prohibition (propaganda_theme7) hits:0 dissent opposed (propaganda_theme8) hits:3
EXP - explicit prohibition propaganda (explicit_propaganda) GRP - hated group (propaganda_theme1) MAD - madness, violence, illness (propaganda_theme2)
SOC - survival of society (propaganda_theme3) USE - gateway, use is abuse (propaganda_theme4) KID - children (propaganda_theme5)
WAR - demonize, war, epidemic (propaganda_theme6) TOT - total prohibition (propaganda_theme7) DIS - dissent opposed (propaganda_theme8)

 drug of abuse implied / mentioned

drug related
[news] [concept]

prohibition agency illegal drugs  
drugwar_propaganda : a drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or themepropaganda

drugwar propaganda 60%
[news] [concept]

propaganda theme5 propaganda theme8 Why Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate? (Bruce E Levine, 2012)
Classic Modern Drug Propaganda
Themes in Chemical Prohibition
Drug War Propaganda (kindle edition)
propaganda_theme5 : drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugschildren

propaganda theme5 60%
[news] [concept]

"Child"1Children Corrupted (propaganda theme 5)
Think of the children
 dissent silenced

dissent silenced 55%
[news] [concept]

"blocked for this site"1ONDCP law: studying legalization disallowed
Suppression of dissent
Right to petition
Felony disenfranchisement
Police Officers Fired for Improper Thoughts - About Legal Pot (2011)
propaganda_theme8 : dissent opposed

propaganda theme8 55%
[news] [concept]

dissent silenced secret evidence Dissent Attacked (propaganda theme 8)
From Martin Luther King to Anonymous, governments target dissenters not just "bad guys" (2014)
 drug of abuse

illegal drugs
[news] [concept]

various illegal drugs stimulant  
 drug law 80%
[news] [concept]
"controlled substances"1History of United States drug pr...
prohibition_agency : various drug prohibition and propaganda agencies and police; tax-supported entities dependent on continuing prohibitiongovernment drug warrior

prohibition agency 75%
[news] [concept]

"police" drug dog8Drug Enforcement Administration
The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal
 NSA/DEA/local PD - Spying and Lying Scandal

secret evidence 50%
[news] [concept]

"traffic stop"
Routine Traffic Stop? Anonymous Tip? - DEA Manual Coaches Government Prosecutors to Lie in Court to Evade Truth about NSA Tapping Domestic Phone Content, to Bust People for Pot (2014)
Justice Dept to Notify Defendants on Surveillance (2013)
DEA SOD (Special Operations Division)
Brady disclosure
Fruit of the poisonous tree
NSA Listening to Rumrunners During Prohibition I (2014)
All Your Communications in Eternal Dragnet, Searched for Keywords (2014)
How NSA, DEA and Your Local Police Illegally Collude to use Wiretap Content, to Bust You for Pot (2014)
Secret Police Search Engine for DEA/NSA/Local PD - Target: Your Real-Time Wiretap Transcripts (2014)
Secret Law (2016)
 drug detecting canine

drug dog 75%
[news] [concept]

"police dog"1Sniffer dogs get it wrong four out of five times (2011)
Clever Hans
 psychoactive chemical

[news] [concept]

methamphetamine amphetamines
 euphoric stimulant
[news] [concept]
[news] [concept]
[news] [concept]
"methamphetamine" "meth" "crystal meth" "crystal methamphetamine" "crystal"
Amphetamines: The Swedish experience
amphetamines : various amphetaminesamphetamines
[news] [concept]
methamphetamine The amphetamines - Consumers Union Report
Officially Approved US Military Speed/Amphetamine Use
 various illegal drugs 80%
[news] [concept]
"controlled substances"
DEA's Drugs of Abuse booklet
 incarceration 90%
[news] [concept]
prison slavery Prison Hell in America (Stephen Lendman, Oct. 2011)
Understanding the U.S. Torture State
this is what a police state looks like
Torture and the United States and... drugs.htm
US Official Prison Policy: Encourage Men's Rape (2014)
Profit Driven Prison Industrial Complex (2012)
The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal
Sing a Little Louder
Prison Rape Widely Ignored by Authorities
Push Back Against Drug War Profiteering with Jury Nullification
 prison slavery 90%
[news] [concept]
"Forced Labour"
Push Back Against Drug War Profiteering with Jury Nullification
The Prison-Industrial Complex (2012)
The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery? (2014)
USA Just Passed up Old USSR Gulags For Largest Prison System (2015)
"The Insourcing of Prison Labor": Seven US Corporate Household Names Use Prison Labor to Produce their Goods (2015)
 youth 60%
[news] [concept]
propaganda theme5

st:0.02 fo:0 s:0 d:0.03 c:0.04 db:0.161 a:0.21 m:0.07 t:0.8 (f)

text of article used for CRITICAL ANALYSIS, under FAIR USE provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107, et al.

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Bot's analysis of: "The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse" the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Demand Reduction Section, May 2014
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    article tags


    youth concept
    prison_slavery concept - modern slave labor, American style
    incarceration concept - Prisons, Jails and Probation
    various_illegal_drugs concept - general terms for illegal drugs
    amphetamines concept - various amphetamines
    methamphetamine concept - methamphetamine
    stimulant concept - a substance that produces stimulation
    euphoric_stimulant concept
    chemicals concept - Psychoactive Chemicals are chemicals which have mind- or emotion-altering properties.
    drug_dog concept - canine used to detect illegal drugs
    secret_evidence concept - secret anti-drug (read: anti-pot) police trained to "recreate" -- lie about -- evidence in court, in order to hide wholesale NSA domestic spying on the people, and then lying about it; the laundering of espionage techniques -- listening to phone call content and net use -- to bust ordinary people in America for "drugs" -- pot --, under the guise of "fighting terror."
    prohibition_agency concept - various drug prohibition and propaganda agencies and police; tax-supported entities dependent on continuing prohibition
    drug_law concept
    illegal_drugs concept - drugs of abuse, so-called
    propaganda_theme8 concept
    dissent_silenced concept - drug war propaganda theme: dissent silenced
    propaganda_theme5 concept - drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugs
    drugwar_propaganda concept - a drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or theme
    drug_related concept - related to illegal drugs and prohibition