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US: Editorial: Marijuana in Estes Park -- Estes Park Trail-Gazette

Found: Fri Nov 08 16:04:55 2019 PST
Source: Estes Park Trail-Gazette, The (CO)
Copyright: 2019 The Estes Park Trail-Gazette
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Editorial: Marijuana in Estes Park -- Estes Park Trail-Gazette Editorial: Marijuana in Estes Park -- Estes Park Trail-Gazette * News * News

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Editorial: Marijuana in Estes Park

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Breaking News

Police charge suspect who damaged local restaurant last month November 8, 2019 at 1:10 pm


Editorial: Marijuana in Estes Park

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Editorial: Marijuana in Estes Park

November 8, 2019 at 1:01 pm

It is now time for us all to look at the issue of recreational marijuana from a common sense perspective.

Marijuana has found its way into our lives over a very long period of time dating back to the early 70's when the Song "Rocky Mountain High" took on a different meaning than its original intent.

Since, the usage of marijuana has only grown, especially given the legalization of recreational sales of the plant, which was led by our great state. Marijuana, like it or not, is now present everyday in our wholesome community, and we can't stop it.

Issues from its uses, including it finding its way on public lands, continues to grow, but Estes Park does not benefit from any possible taxes that could be earned by selling it here in Estes Park to help us in mitigating these issues.

Therefore visitors to Estes Park are buying marijuana in neighboring communities, bringing it to Estes Park and are leaving the funding for these other communities to use the proceeds as it sees fit. We believe it is time that we garner the control of this unstoppable happening now and while benefiting from the possible monies associated for our usage as we see fit.

Our town is a wholesome community and has been even though Majijuana has been here. We're surrounded by wildlife, blue skies and outdoor recreation opportunities as far as the eye can see. Retirees seek refuge here; families seek a memory-filled adventure. This community is supposed to be pure. But like most any other town, Estes Park offers our adult guests and residents products of indulgence that many use to relax and have a good time.

There are currently 73 establishments in town that hold a liquor license. Five of those are retail liquor stores and seven are taverns. The remaining belong to restaurants, hospitality facilities etc. and this town is not lacking breweries by any standard. Marijuana dispensaries, on the other hand, are not allowed in Estes Park, even though people over the age of 21 can legally grow and consume it in their residence.

We consistently report criminal mischief, domestic violence and assault cases that are a result of drunken behavior. It's in movies like "Reefer Madness" that you see people lashing out in violence after smoking marijuana. Let's also not discredit the fact that people have been illegally bringing marijuana to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park for many decades.

Recreational marijuana is legal in more than a dozen states, and the number of states that are starting to take interest in the booming revenues legal states are receiving is growing. Recreational marijuana is legal in almost every municipality that leads into Estes Park as well. That means Lyons, Boulder, Fort Collins and the like are financially benefiting from our tourists and visitors who, believe it or not, often bring recreational marijuana with them when they visit. Why should those communities get that tax money and not us?

It's been seven years since Colorado voters approved Amendment 64, legalizing the recreational use and sale of marijuana in the state. The Colorado Department of Revenue in June announced that the state's marijuana tax revenues reached over $1 billion since recreational sales of the plant became legal in 2014. Estes Park continues to miss out on its piece of that pie.

Those funds don't go in the pockets of the local drug pusher on the corner. Instead these revenues go to both state and local governments where they are used to fund a swath of youth and public health initiatives, like mental health services and anti-bullying programs.

Estes Park is missing out on this critical asset, and we are letting ourselves fall behind.

Let us be clear that the Trail-Gazette does not support in any way people lighting up on Elkhorn or in Rocky Mountain National Park. We do not condone any public use of marijuana, as that is against federal and state law. We support strict regulations on where businesses can be placed and how our excise and sales taxes are structured.

But we fear that the town's voters could be doing more harm than good if they thwart the proponents of this issue when it comes to a vote on Dec. 10.

That's right. Voters in Estes Park have the chance to approve the recreational and medical sale of marijuana in town limits in a little over a month. The Trail-Gazette believes it is in the town's best interest to approve this citizen's-initiated ordinance.

Recreational dispensaries are monitored and the products they sell are highly-regulated. Who knows what is in the marijuana that people are buying from the black market street dealer? Let's not bury our heads in the sand ang ignore the fact that marijuana is in Estes Park and it's not going anywhere.

We have the opportunity to get out ahead of this right now and set these regulations so that if and when marijuana becomes federally legal, we have protections in place to prevent a dispensary owner from opening up a shop on Elkhorn or next to the school district or church. We can protect our community if we accept, regulate and manifest our own destiny in regards to this already statewide legal amendment.

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Distortion 18: Cannabis and Mental Illness
No, marijuana use doesn't lower your IQ (10/2014)
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The "Nation" as a Device To Create a Psychological Crowd
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The Failed War on Drugs (2012)
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"medical sale of marijuana" compassion
Cannabis Treats Anxiety, Depression And Activates Pathways That Regulate Emotional Behavior (2014)
The Flower (video cartoon)
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"liquor" "drunken"3Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site
Pot Threatens Booze Profits
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"Marijuana" "Reefer" medical cannabis reefer madness26Cannabis: Religious and Spiritual Uses
Cannabis-Driving Studies Cannabis Link DB
Schaffer Library: Marijuana
U.S. Prisons Thriving on Jim Crow Marijuana Arrests (2013)
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"Reefer Madness"1Link Between Marijuana and Mental Illness
Relief from Schizophrenia using Cannabis
Study Indicates Cannabis-Associated Psychosis Risk Is Minimal
Study: Pot Doesn't Exacerbate Schizophrenia
Cannabis Use May "Improve" Brain Function In Schizophrenics, Study Says
Distortion 18: Cannabis and Mental Illness
"Reefer Madness"
"Reefer Madness" 1936 screenplay
Hypnosis and "Reefer Madness"
Behavior Under Nazi Regime, vs Drug User Personality
Study: Marijuana Linked to Lower Mortality Rate for Patients with Psychotic Disorders (2012)
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    medical_cannabis concept - cannabis for medical use
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    propaganda_theme5 concept - drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugs
    propaganda_theme3 concept - drug war propaganda theme: survival of society
    propaganda_theme2 concept - drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugs
    propaganda_theme1 concept - drug war propaganda theme: hated groups
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