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US: Marijuana special election set for Dec. 10, 2019 -- Estes Park Trail-Gazette

Found: Wed Sep 11 16:05:04 2019 PDT
Source: Estes Park Trail-Gazette, The (CO)
Copyright: 2019 The Estes Park Trail-Gazette
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Marijuana special election set for Dec. 10, 2019 -- Estes Park Trail-Gazette Marijuana special election set for Dec. 10, 2019 -- Estes Park Trail-Gazette * News * News

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Marijuana special election set for Dec. 10, 2019

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Marijuana special election set for Dec. 10, 2019

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Jeremy Papasso / Daily Camera Employee Christopher Caligaris pours marijuana back into a jar at Terrapin Care Station in Boulder. Estes Park residents Carolyn Newberry and her son Cameron Boegner are working to bring a dispensary to Estes Park.

The Town Board of Trustees on Tuesday scheduled a special election for a citizen-initiated ordinance petition to permit the operation of recreational and medical marijuana facilities within town limits.

The date of the special election is scheduled for Dec. 10, 2019. It will be a mail ballot election with one question of whether or not to approve or deny medical and marijuana facilities in town.

The Trustees had only two options regarding this item tonight. They could either approve it outright or send it back to the voters to decide in a special election.

This item was met with heavy public comments, both for and against it. Those in favor of it cited added tax benefits, the addition of jobs and medical benefits to those who need it. Those in opposition said that marijuana is a gateway drug and that it will ruin the character of Estes Park.

The trustees each spoke to their opinion on the ordinance, and each said that they support sending it to the voters. None of them said whether they support marijuana use specifically, which was asked of them by a resident.

The trustees also swore in Eric Blackhurst as a town trustee to serve the remainder of recalled Mayor Pro Tem Cody Walker's term, which ends on April 2020.

The Trustees then appointed Ron Norris as the town's Mayor Pro Tem to serve in that capacity until his term ends.

This is a developing story. Pick up a copy of the Trail-Gazette on Friday for a full recap of the meeting.

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Tyler Pialet

Tyler is the Trail-Gazette's lead reporter.

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"Marijuana" medical cannabis cannabis industry10Cannabis: Religious and Spiritual Uses
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U.S. Prisons Thriving on Jim Crow Marijuana Arrests (2013)
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    gateway concept - drug war propaganda theme: gateway
    use_is_abuse concept - drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse
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