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The Story of Your Enslavement
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Prison for Profit
The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex
Prison Profiteers (2013)


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A Drug War Carol

No Victim/No Crime -

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Author: Susan Hargreaves

topical analysis
prison was NOT mentioned
propaganda analysis

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A Safe Haven

Pet Adoptions and Animal Rescues on the RiseBy Liz Sterling

As we become more aware of the needs of animals that are neglected, abused or have lost their homes, adoptions and rescues increase. Pet adoptions are really on the rise - maybe it's to fill the void that the pandemic has wreaked on our lives, especially on travel plans, or simply to combat the loneliness that has ensued over months of quarantine.

Animal Heroes

Veganza Animal Hero to the Rescue

By Susan Hargreaves

Help, we need a hero - we need a capable experienced female with perspective and a few special powers, too. How about someone who can instill empathy in others, freeze a scene where injustice is taking place, and make the perpetrators feel the fear the victims feel?

Teaching from the Heart

It's Not About the Website

Situations that bother us are not curses. They are arrows pointing us to places in our mind where we are holding illusions. When we can identify the illusion that is causing us pain, we are ready to discover the truth the illusion was covering. When we do, we are free.

Clutter to Clarity

Take Me on a Sentimental Journey...

By David Hall

Action must be taken. For this month's column, let's look at your sentimental photograph collections. Pictures take up space. Whether in digital or paper form, they affect us physically and mentally. Emotions are involved: Joy, grief and bittersweet memories that may last a lifetime.

Healthy Living


By Karen Ellis-Ritter

One thing that I've come to realize more than ever before: we are only as resilient as our level of gratitude. I will absolutely admit that it is not easy to find gratitude when you are in the midst of turmoil and hardship. It is also hard to avoid falling prey to despair from the collective hardships happening around the globe.

Dog World with Tina

You've always loved dogs

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

I'm always amazed at people's lack of dog skills, or unwarranted fear of dogs. Do you/your kids know how to correctly approach a dog? Ask permission from the owner to interact? Know polite, dog-welcome body language/ sounds to avoid being bitten? Can you all respect a dog's personal space?.

Sports Feature

Athletic Protests Always A Part Of Our Sporting History

By Mark Tudino

For a while, the athletes and the sports administrators seemed to learn how to carry on during the pandemic. I previously opined that I didn't think it could be done. I was wrong. The NBA bubble, wherein all players, coaches and administrators live, work, and exist within a confined community in Orlando, worked.

Life 101


By Cary Bayer

From 1919 through 1943, Hesse wrote six novels that helped lead young people to the spiritual path, a champion among meditators and psychedelic adventurers.

Earth Talk Q & A


Is it true that being around a waterfall makes you feel good?By Earth Talk

The notion of waterfalls making you happy is often viewed as an old wives' tale, but there may be some truth to it given the so-called "negative ions" pervasive in such environments. The collision of water molecules with each other causes water to be positively charged and surrounding air to be negatively charged.

Family Feature

Build Heart- Healthy Behaviors for Preschoolers at Home

By Family Feature

Data from a study published in the "Early Childhood Education Journal" from the American Heart Association shows children diagnosed as overweight between 7-13 years old may develop heart disease as early as age 25. However, preventative steps taken in early childhood can help reduce this risk.

On the Bright Side

What is Your Silver Lining?

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

It's hard to believe we are in the last quarter of 2020! The first quarter kicked off as all new years do - resolute about making this year a great one - I was finally going to write that book, lose 10 pounds, and meditate every day.

Vegan/Plant Based Recipes

Garlic Hash Browns with Kale

Smashed Chickpea Avocado Dip

Recipe of the Month

Garlic Hash Browns with Kale

By Forks over Knives

Hash browns are a comfort food, and they don't have to be heavily fried to be good. The added garlic makes them irresistible.

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analysis of article text

prohibitionist hits:0 government drug warrior (prohibition_agency) hits:0 propaganda (drugwar_propaganda) hits:11 legalization hits:0 drug_reformer hits:0 reform_referenda hits:0 cannabis hits:0 stimulant hits:0 narcotic hits:0 hallucinogen hits:1
    prohibitionist     prohibition_agency     drugwar_propaganda     legalization     drug_reformer
    reform_referenda     cannabis     stimulant     narcotic     hallucinogen

incarceration/prison mentioned? NO - the issue of prison or incarceration was NOT mentioned in this article .

propaganda analysis

explicit prohibition propaganda (explicit_propaganda) hits:0 hated group (propaganda_theme1) hits:0 madness, violence, illness (propaganda_theme2) hits:3 survival of society (propaganda_theme3) hits:2 gateway, use is abuse (propaganda_theme4) hits:0 children (propaganda_theme5) hits:3 demonize, war, epidemic (propaganda_theme6) hits:3 total prohibition (propaganda_theme7) hits:0 dissent opposed (propaganda_theme8) hits:0
EXP - explicit prohibition propaganda (explicit_propaganda) GRP - hated group (propaganda_theme1) MAD - madness, violence, illness (propaganda_theme2)
SOC - survival of society (propaganda_theme3) USE - gateway, use is abuse (propaganda_theme4) KID - children (propaganda_theme5)
WAR - demonize, war, epidemic (propaganda_theme6) TOT - total prohibition (propaganda_theme7) DIS - dissent opposed (propaganda_theme8)

 drug of abuse implied / mentioned

drug related 50%
[news] [concept]

illegal drugs  
drugwar_propaganda : a drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or themepropaganda

drugwar propaganda 75%
[news] [concept]

propaganda theme2 propaganda theme3 propaganda theme5 propaganda theme6 Why Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate? (Bruce E Levine, 2012)
Classic Modern Drug Propaganda
Themes in Chemical Prohibition
Drug War Propaganda (kindle edition)
propaganda_theme2 : drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugsmadness, violence, illness

propaganda theme2 75%
[news] [concept]

"disease" "fear"3Madness Crime Violence Illness (propaganda theme 2)
Distortion 18: Cannabis and Mental Illness
No, marijuana use doesn't lower your IQ (10/2014)
propaganda_theme3 : drug war propaganda theme: survival of societysurvival of society

propaganda theme3 50%
[news] [concept]

"American" "community"2Survival of Society (propaganda theme 3)
The "Nation" as a Device To Create a Psychological Crowd
propaganda_theme5 : drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugschildren

propaganda theme5 60%
[news] [concept]

"children" "kids" "young people"3Children Corrupted (propaganda theme 5)
Think of the children
propaganda_theme6 : drug war propaganda theme: demonize; use of drugs is epidemic; wardemonize, war, epidemic

propaganda theme6 65%
[news] [concept]

"pandemic" "combat"3Demonize, War (propaganda theme 6)
List of Wars on Concepts
Perpetual war
The Failed War on Drugs (2012)
 drug of abuse

illegal drugs 50%
[news] [concept]

hallucinogen : the hallucinogens or psychedelics; also disassociativeshallucinogen 50%
[news] [concept]
Wikipedia: Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants
 psychedelic 50%
[news] [concept]
 youth 60%
[news] [concept]
propaganda theme5

st:0.01 fo:0 s:0 d:2.11 c:0 db:0.151 a:0.31 m:0.05 t:2.77 (f)

text of article used for CRITICAL ANALYSIS, under FAIR USE provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107, et al.

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Bot's analysis of: "The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse" the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Demand Reduction Section, May 2014
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Drug War

A review and analysis of modern prohibition rhetoric

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    As Bad For Your Lungs As Smoking 20 Normal Cigarettes? 20 times more likely to cause cancer than tobacco? Why does the US Government make cannabis researchers use only Government-issued marijuana?


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    article tags


    youth concept
    psychedelic concept
    hallucinogen concept - the hallucinogens or psychedelics; also disassociatives
    illegal_drugs concept - drugs of abuse, so-called
    propaganda_theme6 concept - drug war propaganda theme: demonize; use of drugs is epidemic; war
    propaganda_theme5 concept - drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugs
    propaganda_theme3 concept - drug war propaganda theme: survival of society
    propaganda_theme2 concept - drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugs
    drugwar_propaganda concept - a drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or theme
    drug_related concept - related to illegal drugs and prohibition