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US: Obesity - National Post

Found: Sat Oct 12 02:19:11 2019 PDT
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2019 Canwest Publishing Inc.
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The biology of obesity: How our ancient brain conspires to make us overeat

More than one in four adults is obese in Canada and it's going to get worse before it gets better

Obesity leads to higher rates of long-term opioid use for chronic pain, study finds

Compared to people with a body mass index (BMI) in the normal range, people with BMI in the overweight range had 11 per cent higher odds of chronic prescription opioid ...

Manufacturers of ultra-processed foods get you to eat 500 extra calories per day, study reveals

It's not just candy and chips, but canned foods, deli meats, sweets and white bread are also culprits

Obesity might soon replace tobacco as top cause of cancer, yet few are aware of the link

Being obese has been associated in recent years with an increased risk of getting at least 13 types of cancer, including stomach and pancreatic

Backlash after study refutes idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day

A new review finds evidence that skipping breakfast might be a good way to lose weight, but critics say the research is only adding to confusion

Obesity has been linked to higher cancer rates in younger people

Compared with people born in 1950, those born in 1985 had a risk of multiple myeloma 59 per cent higher

Skinny people owe their good fortune to lucky genes, says new DNA-focused study

'They have a lower burden of genes that increase a person's chances of being overweight and not because they are morally superior, as some suggest'

Some experts are calling a pill targeting middle-age spread the 'holy grail' of anti-obesity medication

The drug works by activating the neurons in the brain that control 'satiety' - and signal fullness

'Fat acceptance' comes with a price -- and it could cost you a lot more than you think

Subtle peer pressure has convinced many that it's acceptable to be significantly heavier than 'normal' weights listed on a body mass index

Did your January diet not work? U.K scientists may have discovered why

It's not simply a case of calories in and calories out

Researchers discover the 'internal bathroom scale' that keeps body weight constant

Scientists postulate that specialized cells in weight-bearing bones act as a 'gravitostat' that signals the brain to eat less

John Ivison: New private member's bill could mean end of the Happy Meal in Canada

The bill introduced by a Tory senator and adopted by the Liberal government seeks a nationwide ban on food and drink marketing aimed at children *

How one city's soda tax disastrously backfired on businesses and poor people

Grey Matters: Health-care costs could rise unless food packaging changes

'Environmental entrapment': Is the food industry conspiring to make you fat?

Fake sugars linked to obesity, heart disease

How lazy is your country? Stanford scientists have the answer

Banning of junk food sales in Canadian schools having a positive effect: study

Obesity is on the rise and now affects 10 per cent of the global population, new study says

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FDA approves tube that lets obese users drain part of stomach contents, but critics compare it to bulimia

Twenty to 30 minutes after a meal, the person attaches a device to the port's valve, rotates it open and empties the contents into a toilet. It takes about 10 ...

Top British surgeon says exercise and low-fat diets are 'pointless for losing weight'

Lord Ian McColl warns that current health advice to avoid fat is 'false and misleading,' and is advising overweight people to start adding fat into their diets to feel full ...

Use obesity surgery more often for diabetes, guidelines urge

International diabetes organizations are calling for weight-loss surgery to become a more routine treatment option for diabetes, even for some patients who are only mildly obese

Canada sees progress in war on obesity as overweight rates drop among children

However, while both weight and body-mass-index scores decreased overall, the proportion of children classed as obese held steady, at about 13 per cent

Drug under-dosing: New study may explain why obese patients more likely to wake up during surgery

There are numerous reports where obese patients reported falling asleep, only to wake up while the breathing tube was being inserted, or at the start of surgeryRead the Full Story a' *

Are obese people to blame for their condition? No, says report calling for wider access to treatment

A new report calls on Canada to recognize obesity as a chronic disease, like diabetes or cancer, and improve public coverage for anti-obesity drugs and weight-loss surgery

How the food industry promotes false nutritional information and what it means for our health

Claudia McNeilly: Disclosure is important, but it's not a complete solution to a nutritional community that has failed us

Cancer rates will climb nearly six times faster in women than in men thanks to obesity, U.K. study says

'After smoking, being overweight is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer, and has been linked to 13 different types'

It hides in chicken stock and hot sauce: Going sugar-free for one month reveals where it lurks

'If you give up sugar for a month, you'll become part of a growing anti-sugar movement,' David Leonhardt writes as he encourages readers to give up the white stuff

Obese fathers, not just overweight moms, may harm young children's development: study

Children of obese fathers nearly twice a likely to fail tests measuring 'personal-social functioning' by age three compared to children of normal weight dads *

Mexican man weighing 1,100 pounds, who hadn't left bed in six years, removed for medical treatment

Video games and pizza: Nearly half of Canadian soldiers are overweight because they sit too much

Health Canada looks to revamp food guide as obesity crisis grips country

Manitoba Liberal wants human rights code to forbid discriminating against obese people

Scientists testing if poop transplants could help obese people lose weight -- and keep it off

Beyond BMI: The other health markers you should be watching

While health-risks are real, much of the 'risk talk' telling obese women they are 'dangerous' potential mothers sensationalized: research

Does fat affect your brain? Study finds obese have less grey and white matter in key areas

Can an animated character named Fartzee Shmartzee get your kids eating right? *

'Tsunami of diabetes': If growing trend continues, one-fifth of adults will be obese by 2025

Kids who eat two breakfasts are less likely to be overweight than those who eat none

WatchThe shape of the future: Is obesity a crisis or just the latest stage of evolution? *

See where the biggest battles of the bulge are playing out across the globe as obesity rates rise

Spanking and snacking: The 104 -- and counting -- possible causes for what's making us fat

Obesity could be a contagious condition that spreads like a stomach bug, scientists suggest

Obesity could be a contagious condition which spreads in the same way as bugs such as C.diff, scientists have suggested

The 'frightening and amazing' science of why so many 'Biggest Loser' contestants gain the weight back

A new study of Season 8 contestants shocked researchers. 'If they don't show a return to normal in metabolism, what hope is there for the rest of us?'

Fixing botched stomach-shrinking surgeries performed in other countries costs Canadians millions

Doctors say abysmally long wait lists in Canada are driving people out of the country for surgery. When things go wrong, Canadian doctors are left to treat them

John Robson: Does the senate really think putting taxes on soda will stop obesity?

The means and motivation already exist. Governments have been urging people to eat smarter and exercise more for decades. There is no shortage of information for those who care to ...

Canada's 'dated' Food Guide needs drastic overhaul or risk 'enabling' obesity, senate committee says

'Fruit juice, for instance, is presented as a health item, when it is little more than a soft drink without the bubbles,' the Senate report said

New study says obesity triggered by genetic 'light switch' -- not overeating or inherited traits

The startling result turned up when the researchers examined data from sets of identical twins in which one was normal weight and the other obese

Alberta's oil slump could trigger a spike in obesity rates as thousands cope with layoffs, specialists say

Fat but fit worse than slim and lazy: Study demolishes myth that exercise makes up for obesity, scientists say

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EXP - explicit prohibition propaganda (explicit_propaganda) GRP - hated group (propaganda_theme1) MAD - madness, violence, illness (propaganda_theme2)
SOC - survival of society (propaganda_theme3) USE - gateway, use is abuse (propaganda_theme4) KID - children (propaganda_theme5)
WAR - demonize, war, epidemic (propaganda_theme6) TOT - total prohibition (propaganda_theme7) DIS - dissent opposed (propaganda_theme8)

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propaganda theme1 propaganda theme2 propaganda theme3 propaganda theme5 propaganda theme6 propaganda theme4 Why Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate? (Bruce E Levine, 2012)
Classic Modern Drug Propaganda
Themes in Chemical Prohibition
Drug War Propaganda (kindle edition)
propaganda_theme1 : drug war propaganda theme: hated groupshated group

propaganda theme1 90%
[news] [concept]

"users" "Loser"2Hated Groups (propaganda theme 1)
America's Racist Drug laws
Labeling theory
Transfer (propaganda)
propaganda_theme2 : drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugsmadness, violence, illness

propaganda theme2 80%
[news] [concept]

"harm" "lazy" "dangerous" "motivation" "affect your brain" "Health-care costs" "cancer" "disease"16Madness Crime Violence Illness (propaganda theme 2)
Distortion 18: Cannabis and Mental Illness
No, marijuana use doesn't lower your IQ (10/2014)
propaganda_theme3 : drug war propaganda theme: survival of societysurvival of society

propaganda theme3 65%
[news] [concept]

"community" "the country"2Survival of Society (propaganda theme 3)
The "Nation" as a Device To Create a Psychological Crowd

gateway 55%
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"leads to"1Use is Abuse, Gateway (propaganda theme 4)
Distortion 7: Gateway
propaganda_theme4 : drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse, gatewaygateway, use is abuse

propaganda theme4 55%
[news] [concept]

gateway Use is Abuse, Gateway (propaganda theme 4)
propaganda_theme5 : drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugschildren

propaganda theme5 60%
[news] [concept]

"children" "kids"8Children Corrupted (propaganda theme 5)
Think of the children
propaganda_theme6 : drug war propaganda theme: demonize; use of drugs is epidemic; wardemonize, war, epidemic

propaganda theme6 60%
[news] [concept]

"battles"1Demonize, War (propaganda theme 6)
List of Wars on Concepts
Perpetual war
The Failed War on Drugs (2012)
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"opioid"2Managing Pain
[news] [concept]
opioid Managing Pain

[news] [concept]

Tobacco: Stunts Teens Growth
 various drugs 95%
[news] [concept]
"drug" "drugs"4 
 youth 60%
[news] [concept]
propaganda theme5
[news] [concept]
 aggrandizing government

[news] [concept]

"experts"1Statism: the Most Dangerous Religion (2014 video)
What is Statism?
Conservapedia: Statism
Wikipedia: Statolatry
Bought Priesthood
Worship of the U. S. Government (2011)
Bureaucratic Thrust
Tyranny of Experts
The Threat of Authority (2012)
The Media As Enablers of Government Lies
The Statist Mindset (Jacob Hornberger, 2011)
Thinking Critically about Experts and Authority
'Scientific' evidence for FDA-approved drugs isn't so scientific, it turns out (2014)
The Intellectual Gravy Train (2015)

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Bot's analysis of: "The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse" the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Demand Reduction Section, May 2014
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    aggrandizement concept - terms of aggrandizement (of government)
    school concept
    youth concept
    various_drugs concept - general terms for drugs
    tobacco concept - Tobacco is an annual or bi-annual growing 1-3 meters tall with large sticky leaves that contain nicotine. Native to the Americas, tobacco has a long history of use as an shamanic inebriant and stimulant. It is extremely popular and well-known for its addictive potential. (Solanaceae, Nicotiana, rustica; tabacum L.; ...)
    narcotic concept - a drug that dulls senses, relieves pain, induces sleep
    opioid concept - opiate-like but synthetic drugs
    plants concept - Plants listed in this section are those which have been used by humans for their mind- or emotion-altering properties.
    drugs concept
    illegal_drugs concept - drugs of abuse, so-called
    propaganda_theme6 concept - drug war propaganda theme: demonize; use of drugs is epidemic; war
    propaganda_theme5 concept - drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugs
    propaganda_theme4 concept - drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse, gateway
    gateway concept - drug war propaganda theme: gateway
    propaganda_theme3 concept - drug war propaganda theme: survival of society
    propaganda_theme2 concept - drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugs
    propaganda_theme1 concept - drug war propaganda theme: hated groups
    drugwar_propaganda concept - a drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or theme
    drug_related concept - related to illegal drugs and prohibition