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US: Riverside County bars ordered to close amid coronavirus surge -- Press Enterprise

Found: Tue Jun 30 14:13:08 2020 PDT
Source: Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)
Copyright: 2020 The Press-Enterprise Company
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Riverside County bars ordered to close amid coronavirus surge -- Press Enterprise Riverside County bars ordered to close amid coronavirus surge -- Press Enterprise * News * News

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Riverside County bars ordered to close amid...

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Local NewsNewsNews Based on facts, either observed and verified directly by the reporter, or reported and verified from knowledgeable sources.

Riverside County bars ordered to close amid coronavirus surge

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Riverside County bars must close starting Tuesday, June 30, as part of an effort to counter a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, public health officials announced Monday, June 29.

The order by county Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser comes one day after Gov. Gavin Newsom recommended the county, along with seven others, shut down its bars. The governor Sunday, June 28, ordered bars closed in Los Angeles County and six other counties.

Newsom also recommended that San Bernardino County close its bars. Its Board of Supervisors will discuss whether to do so during a special meeting at 3 p.m. Tuesday

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have risen steadily in the county and other parts of California in recent weeks. Riverside County is on the state's coronavirus watch list, and going into Monday, just five of 385 licensed intensive care unit beds were empty, with more than 100 ICU patients confirmed to have the virus and 23 in the ICU suspected of having COVID-19.

Hospitalizations in Riverside County hit an early peak with 250 people hospitalized April 22. Numbers then began dropping and leveled off at about 200 people hospitalized per day through the end of May.

The trend reversed in June. The county said 195 people were hospitalized June 1. The record 365 people hospitalized Monday is an 87% increase, or an average of more than 2% more hospitalizations per day.

The number of people in ICUs also decreased and then leveled off in May, but has risen 71% from 62 people June 1 to 106 people Monday, according to the county's figures.

In a news release, Kaiser said: "People don't social distance well after a couple drinks, and it's one of the hardest environments to trace contacts in. My hope is that this will be only temporary and further closures won't be needed, but it all depends on what every one of us as a county do to slow more spread."

In the same release, Riverside County Supervisor V. Manuel Perez said: "A local Riverside County order on bar closures has unfortunately become necessary to slow the spread of this virus. I want to remind everyone that facial coverings are a (statewide) requirement, and encourage continuously keeping physical distance and washing our hands."

Restaurants, pubs and breweries that offer dine-in food may still sell alcohol, but only in the same transaction as a meal. If a bar offers meals, it is required to follow restaurant industry COVID-19 guidelines.

Brewpubs and breweries must close unless they sell food, said county spokeswoman Brooke Federico. If they do, they can stay open so long as they follow restaurant industry COVID-19 guidelines and only serve alcohol with meals, she said.

Wineries and tasting rooms are not affected by the order as long as they follow restaurant/tasting room industry guidelines, Federico said. Breweries can fill to-go orders, provided it's curbside service that follows retail industry guidelines, she added.

Five people were in Skydive Lounge in Riverside at 3 p.m., shortly after the county made the announcement.

"Everybody's bummed," said Peggy Hawecker, an assistant manager and 14-year employee. "We keep our distance, pretty much ... I'm almost in tears."

The previous shutdown was tough for the owners, and this one would be, too, Hawecker said.

"When we shut down last time, they didn't get a penny," she said.

The news that breweries would have to close came as a surprise to Robert Durant, owner of Inland Wharf Brewing Company in Murrieta.

Durant said he was aware of Newsom's recommendation on Sunday that bars and breweries in Riverside County close, but had not yet received word of the official order from Riverside County.

The order also allows brewpubs, breweries, bars and pubs that do not provide sit-down meals themselves to contract with another vendor to do that.

Durant said that because he is permitted to be a host facility for caterers through the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, he was hoping to contract with caterers to provide food on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and stay open.

He planned to offer beer to go at times when he wasn't doing that.

Durant said he expected business to be affected, but not as badly as if he had to offer beer to go only.

"In a sense, it will reduce the amount of people that come in because they have to eat, but they will still come," he said.

Curt Kucera, owner of Refuge Brewery, said the Temecula brewery would have to close and do to-go orders of its packaged beers and deliveries as it had been doing earlier during the pandemic.

Kucera said he expected that sales out of the tasting room would be 15% of what they normally are.

"We are particularly disappointed because we have spent a fair amount of time and money to reconfigure our facility to open up more seating outside as allowed and do social distancing, sanitation, training of our employees so we could operate within the boundaries," he said.

Kucera said he had seen many videos and photos of people sitting shoulder to shoulder at bars "and that's really what's driving this." He said he was frustrated because he felt his brewery was being unfairly lumped in with such places.

"If you look at how our tasting room is set up to comply, we were doing a very good job," he said.

Racers Pub in Riverside partnered with Chilitos Mexican Grill to bring in food so it would qualify for the exception, but it's not yet sure it will qualify, said manager Ashley Struckhoff.

Calls to Alcoholic Beverage Control and the county health office haven't yet been returned, so they're unsure whether they'll be allowed to open, Struckhoff said.

"We're crushed," she said. "We're just getting back on our feet. We're (mostly) single moms. It'll be hard on us and as a bar, we can't afford to stay closed."

Rent, utilities, games and other costs keep adding up.

"We're still catching up from the last shut-down," she said.

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Racers Pub spaced tables apart and makes sure the bartender socially distances, too, she said.

While some people might relax when they start drinking, that happens at other types of business, too, she said.

The bar closure order is a setback for the county's efforts to reopen businesses forced to close in March after the governor's statewide stay-at-home order imposed to limit COVID-19's spread. Bars, along with movie theaters, gyms, and other businesses, got the green light to reopen June 12, while malls, retail stores and dine-in restaurants were permitted to reopen May 22.

Rep. Mark Takano, D-Riverside, urged the county to re-issue stronger health measures, require people to wear masks and communicate its plans to deal with a surge of cases.

"While I commend Dr. Kaiser's order mandating the closure of bars, half-measures will not be enough to stop the rapid spread of the virus and prevent a surge in hospitalizations," Takano said in a news release. "This public health order, which simply abides by the governor's recommendation to close bars, pales in comparison to the decisive action Dr. Kaiser took in the early stages of this pandemic. Closing bars is insufficient when our hospitals' intensive care units are at capacity and when more people are becoming infected every day."

Staff Writers Sandra Emerson, Alex Groves and Nikie Johnson contributed to this report.

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Jeff Horseman got into journalism because he liked to write and stunk at math. He grew up in Vermont and he honed his interviewing skills as a supermarket cashier by asking Bernie Sanders "Paper or plastic?" After graduating from Syracuse University in 1999, Jeff began his journalistic odyssey at The Watertown Daily Times in upstate New York, where he impressed then-U.S. Senate candidate Hillary Clinton so much she called him "John" at the end of an interview. From there, he went to Annapolis, Maryland, where he covered city, county and state government at The Capital newspaper before love and the quest for snowless winters took him in 2007 to Southern California, where he started out covering Temecula for The Press-Enterprise. Today, Jeff writes about Riverside County government and regional politics. Along the way, Jeff has covered wildfires, a tropical storm, 9/11 and the Dec. 2 terror attack in San Bernardino. If you have a question or story idea about politics or the inner workings of government, please let Jeff know. He'll do his best to answer, even if it involves a little math. Follow Jeff Horseman @JeffHorseman

Ryan Hagen covers the city of Riverside for the Southern California Newspaper Group. Since he began covering Inland Empire governments in 2010, he's written about a city entering bankruptcy and exiting bankruptcy; politicians being elected, recalled and arrested; crime; a terrorist attack; fires; ICE; fights to end homelessness; fights over the location of speed bumps; and people's best and worst moments. His greatest accomplishment is breaking a coffee addiction. His greatest regret is any moment without coffee. Follow Ryan Hagen @rmhagen

Alex Groves writes about casinos for the entertainment team at Southern California News Group. He started his first full-time gig as a breaking news reporter for The Press-Enterprise in 2015 but has also written stories on arts programs at local high schools, dining and events. In his free time, Alex enjoys hiking and traveling. A craft beer enthusiast, Alex likes to bring back an IPA as a souvenir from every new place he travels. Follow Alex Groves @AlexDGroves

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