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Mike DeWine Launches Transition With New Tone - Plunderbund - Discussion on Topix

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Mike DeWine Launches Transition With New Tone - Plunderbund - Discussion on Topix Mike DeWine Launches Transition With New Tone - Plunderbund - Discussion on Topix


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Topix › Mike DeWineMike DeWine Launches Transition With ...

Mike DeWine Launches Transition With New Tone

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15 hrs ago Read more: Plunderbund

On the heels of his election as Ohio's next Governor, Mike DeWine today gave a press conference to announce his first key hires and it's worth noting for its tone. DeWine was humble and conciliatory, admitting that his election came as a bit of a surprise to him with polls over the past week or so looking like it could go either way.

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