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    [2]: 'Dying for the High': The Heroin Epidemic - Story - WFLD
    fox32chicago - (US) The road to recovery from a heroin addiction is not easy. Many users will relapse several times. (Sat Jun 15 23:13:30 2019 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propaganda (80%)hated group : $propaganda_theme1 (80%)madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (75%)survival of society : $propaganda_theme3 (75%)gateway, use is abuse : $propaganda_theme4 (60%)children : $propaganda_theme5 (60%)demonize, war, epidemic : $propaganda_theme6 (65%)dehumanization - prohibitionists assert drug users are not fully human : $dehumanization (60%)government drug warrior : $prohibition_agency (70%)opioid : $opioida substance derived from the opium poppy : $opiate

    OH: In opioid lawsuits, 1 state opts to stay on the sidelines -- The Daily Reporter
    thedailyreporteronline - Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has been active in combating opioid addiction but so far has remained on the sidelines while other states and thousands of local governments have taken legal action. (Fri Jun 14 08:46:56 2019 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propaganda (98%)madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (70%)survival of society : $propaganda_theme3 (75%)children : $propaganda_theme5 (60%)demonize, war, epidemic : $propaganda_theme6 (65%)total prohibition : $propaganda_theme7 (98%)opioid : $opioidcannabis for medical use : $medical_cannabisvarious amphetamines : $amphetaminescannabis (marijuana) product or use : $cannabis

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