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breaking Cannabis, Medical Marijuana and Hemp News The Latest Cannabis, Medical Marijuana and Hemp News
updated: Sat Sep 18 09:31:30 PDT 2021

breaking cannabis news

cannabis (marijuana) product or use

OR: Is VA Involved in 'Pay for Play' With FDA and Big Pharma? - Salem-News.Com
salem-news - (US) Our military heroes are victims of death and addiction. Think our military heroes have more of a problem than fighting in the battlefields? Kerns is not an MD (medical doctor) but rather a PhD . Is very involved in the policy of prescribing painkillers to our military heroes. (Fri Sep 17 21:51:50 2021 PDT)

FL: Southwest Florida Online - Sunday Morning News
swflorida.blogspot - (US) He then went back in and adjusted the engine for a boat speed of about 3 knots. (2.5-3 knots equaling about 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 miles per hour is a good speed for trawling. (Fri Sep 17 18:54:26 2021 PDT)

AK: Brother of trooper in charge of Northwest Arctic drug crimes banished from Kiana for alleged meth dealing - KOTZEBUE BROADCASTING INC.
kotz - (US) Barr in Kiana says Alaska State Troopers are currently investigating Nay for drug-related activity. (Thu Sep 16 18:16:46 2021 PDT) [also kotz.org3309]

TOP: Albuquerque Journal Legal Notices
legals.abqjournal - (US) VILLAGE OF CORRALES NOTICE OF ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE Notice is hereby given that the Village Council, the governing body of the Village of Corrales, on August 17th, 2021, adopted Ordinance No. 21-06, the title of which is: AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTIONS 18-32 THROUGH 18-45, AND REPEALING SECTION 24-23 OF THE VILLAG... (Thu Sep 16 14:13:24 2021 PDT)

[2]: Atmore Man Charged With Drug Trafficking After Fleeing From Police :
northescambia - (US) Jones was seen driving in the area of America Drive. The officer noticed Jones throwing items from the car that was later identified as a controlled substance. (Wed Sep 15 23:12:32 2021 PDT)

FL: Monday September 13, 2021 -- Pure Country WAFC
wafcfm - Was reportedly found sleeping behind the wheel of a van with the turn signals on at the Alvin Ward Boat Ramp in 2019. (Wed Sep 15 18:23:06 2021 PDT)

FL: Southwest Florida Online - Sunday Morning News
swflorida.blogspot - (US) Fort Myers, Florida – Leslie Samuel Spencer (49, Port Charlotte) has pleaded guilty to attempted distribution of methamphetamine and MDMA (commonly referred to as “Molly”). Fort Myers, Florida – Leslie Samuel Spencer (49, Port Charl... (Wed Sep 15 18:15:48 2021 PDT)

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marijuana industry news

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breaking hemp news

OR: KAJO 99.7FM - News Story
kajo - (US) JMET Raided 2 Illegal Pot Growing Operations and Cannabis Extraction Lab in Illinois Valley The Josephine Marijuana Enforcement Team (JMET) raided two illegal marijuana growing operations in the Illinois Valley last week while arresting two men who were responsible. (Mon Sep 13 21:27:49 2021 PDT)

FL: TopRank Florida - Florida's Business Lists and Data
FL: TopRank Florida - Florida's Business Lists and Data - Ron DeSantis proposes signing bonuses for new officers; UF/IFAS says hurdles remain for statewide hemp agribusiness; Florida ... (Mon Sep 13 18:36:53 2021 PDT) [also floridatrend2960, floridatrend4242, floridatrend2808]

FL: 2019 Economic Outlook - The Year Ahead - Feature - Florida Trend
FL: 2019 Economic Outlook - The Year Ahead - Feature - Florida Trend - [ ...] ... (Mon Sep 13 18:36:53 2021 PDT)

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cannabis dispensary news
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cannabis  legalisation
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