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Canadian Marijuana and Drug News
breaking Canadian news! The Latest Canadian Cannabis and Drug News
updated: Wed May 25 13:32:14 PDT 2016
cannabis | medical marijuana | hemp | harm reduction | drugs

breaking cannabis news

cannabis (marijuana) product or use
cbc - (US) Sask. probes driver safety amid marijuana legalization plans ... (Wed May 25 12:31:28 2016 PDT)
globalnews - (US) The best social reactions to the news Canada may legalize pot in 2017 Canada to introduce pot legalization legislation in 2017 Ex-police chief Bill Blair to play leading role in marijuana legalization The federal government has said marijuana legalization is coming but I donb t think we have clear answers on the potential effects on driver safety and what the plan is to prevent impaired driving due to marijua... (Wed May 25 10:01:08 2016 PDT)

CANADA: 55 arrested as cops dismantle illegal drug network - Timmins Press
timminspress - (Canada) Timmins Press Fifty-five people were charged in connection with a massive seizure of prescription medications, including methamphetamine, oxycodone and fentanyl, and other illicit drugs in the James Bay Coast earlier this month as the re... (Wed May 25 02:12:44 2016 PDT)

CANADA: James Matthews -
orangeville - (US) Issue with plate stickers leads to drug charges in Shelburne Two people are facing drug charges after an expired licence plate caught Shelburne Policeb s attention. (Wed May 25 02:01:51 2016 PDT)

Drug trafficker dad charged with trafficking cannabis, ecstasy says drugs were 'left over'
geelongadvertiser - (Australia) LABOR has floated Canada as an option for asylum seeker resettlement in a move that will likely ramp up the bitter election war over immigration. (Tue May 24 21:46:12 2016 PDT)

The North Bay Nugget
nugget - (Canada) The multi-jurisdictional effort, launched in November and dubbed Project COAST, targeted "drug distribution networks trafficking prescription medications and illicit drugs" to communities across the region, according to a release. Police seized thousands of pills, as well as significant amounts of pot, cocaine and fentanyl patches. P... (Tue May 24 17:01:11 2016 PDT) [also thesudburystar6402]

Huffington Post Canada
huffingtonpost - (US) "If a jurisdiction was to put in place a strict prohibition on using marijuana for example in driving. If there is the presence of marijuana metabolites. (Tue May 24 11:01:19 2016 PDT)

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breaking hemp news

CANADA: Red tape strangling hemp, growers say - St. Thomas Times-Journal
stthomastimesjournal - (Canada) Towering hemp plants are shown in this file photo from a University of Kentucky research farm. S hemp industry is demanding the federal government liberate it from antiquated regulations. (Tue May 24 02:14:28 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Man says hemp oil is beating his cancer - Local - The Telegram
thetelegram - Man says hemp oil is beating his cancer - Local - The Telegram Man says hemp oil is beating his cancer Johnb s man suffering from prostate cancer that had metastasized is crediting marijuana oil treatment with putting him on the mend. (Sat May 21 02:48:54 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Paul Morrissey, marijuana oil advocate, dies - Local - The Telegram
thetelegram - Dies Man says hemp oil is beating his cancer Man convinced marijuana oil will cure his cancer Paul Morrissey. (Sat May 21 02:48:54 2016 PDT)

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breaking drug news

The Province
theprovince - (Canada) Weapons and drug charges dropped after B.C. judge rules police search was illegal Couple walk away from court case in Kamloops after weapons and drug charges dismissed. (Wed May 25 12:46:23 2016 PDT)

CTV News
ctvnews - (Canada) Addicts find dangerous use for OxyContin alternative (Wed May 25 09:31:10 2016 PDT) [also ctvnews.ca9120]

CANADA: Two arrested in connection with Victoria Day shooting - Ontario - News - Toronto
torontosun - (Canada) The former Algonquin College basketball player was charged with drug trafficking. (Wed May 25 02:47:53 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Man airlifted to hospital following mini-bike crash in North Kawartha: Peterborough County OPP
mykawartha - (US) [ ...] ... (Wed May 25 02:37:35 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Impaired driver found with heroin, cash: Peterborough Police
mykawartha - (US) Impaired driver found with heroin, cash: Peterborough Police Impaired d... (Wed May 25 02:37:35 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Oak Bay News - Sports
oakbaynews - [ ...] ... (Wed May 25 02:33:37 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Drug dealers use 'Steph Curry' likeness to market heroin - Oak Bay News
oakbaynews - Drug dealers use 'Steph Curry' likeness to market heroin - Oak Bay News Drug dealers use 'Steph Curry' likeness to market heroin Philadelphia drug dealers looking to market their heroin as top of the line are stamping packets with the likeness of Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry. (Wed May 25 02:33:37 2016 PDT)

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medical marijuana news

cannabis for medical use
cbc - (US) Cannabis makes up 22% of veteran drug payments - New Brunswick - CBC News Cannabis makes up 22% of veteran drug payments Overall drug budget for veterans was declining until recent increase in marijuana claims Drug reimbursement payments to veterans had been decreasing for almost a decade. (Wed May 25 12:39:17 2016 PDT)

The Globe and Mail (subscription)
theglobeandmail - (Canada) Saskatchewan to study impact of legalizing marijuana on driver safety Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says his government will study how legalizing marijuana would affect driver safety. (Wed May 25 12:31:28 2016 PDT)
cbc - (US) Justice and SGI to examine pot legalization's impact on drivers Halifax police worry about the hazy landscape of legalized marijuana Legalizing marijuana: Manitoba government ready to talk with feds Stoned drivers: How will Canada crack down after pot legalization? (Wed May 25 09:46:06 2016 PDT)
cbc - (US) Fredericton vet sees dramatic increase in dogs stoned on marijuana - New Brunswick - CBC News Fredericton vet sees dramatic increase in dogs stoned on marijuana Dan Cartwright says he is seeing an increase in the number of dogs needing treatment for marijuana toxicity. (Wed May 25 08:31:16 2016 PDT)
cbc - (US) Pot activist Dana Larsen busted while handing out cannabis seeds in Calgary Medical pot industry takes root in Alberta Alberta man's medical marijuana dream is a nightmare for his neighbours Aurora Cannabis. (Wed May 25 08:31:16 2016 PDT) [also cbc.ca10166]

CANADA: Mobile pot bus is rolling into Burnaby
burnabynow - Mobile pot bus is rolling into Burnaby A Nanaimo-based company called Tilray is bringing its Mobile Cannabis Clinic to Burnaby on June 12. (Wed May 25 02:05:26 2016 PDT)

MetroNews Canada
metronews - (US) How marijuana legalization could impact how police nab impaired drivers ! Metro News How marijuana legalization could impact how police nab impaired drivers Experts warn permitting pot will have consequences down the road. (Tue May 24 17:01:11 2016 PDT)

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breaking harm reduction news

CANADA: Little if any heroin left in Vancouver, all fentanyl: drug advocates - Oak Bay News
oakbaynews - People who use illicit drugs in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside say there is virtually no heroin left on the street after it has been pushed out by the cheaper and more potent fentanyl. (Wed May 25 02:33:37 2016 PDT) [also princegeorgecitizen11647, metronews.ca9838, news.nationalpost11755, princegeorgecitizen11973, princegeorgecitizen10913, princegeorgecitizen10421, thenownewspaper5930, journalpioneer13545, capebretonpost13541, cbc.ca11400, 660news9083, ctvnews.ca9732, citynews.ca9245]

CANADA: The Journal Pioneer - Summerside Newspaper
journalpioneer - Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society ( Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society Little if any heroin left in Vancouver, all fentanyl: drug advocates ... (Mon May 23 02:21:25 2016 PDT) [also journalpioneer23955]

570 News
570news - (Canada) Which is cheaper and far more concentrated than heroin. (Sun May 22 10:16:16 2016 PDT)
cbc - (US) Experts say Nathan's addiction was touched off after a horrific accident. He was given morphine and other powerful painkillers while recovering from the broken bones and internal damage. (Sat May 21 14:16:06 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Police urge disposal of unused medication
delta-optimist - "Adults are very aware of the illicit drugs available to their children or loved ones but do not realize the potential for harm or misuse from prescription medication. (Sat May 21 02:13:19 2016 PDT)

CANADA: NunatsiaqOnline 2016-05-19: NEWS: Nunavut orgs say they'll implement Hall Beach inquest recommendations
nunatsiaqonline - (US) The Nunavut Suicide Prevention partners are all committed to continuing to work on education, health and safety initiatives that contribute to Nunavut communities,” said Nunavut RCMP commander Michael Jeffrey, in a May 18 release, speaking on behalf of all NSPS partners. The NSPS didn’t offer details on when and how those groups would implement those measures, and at what c... (Fri May 20 02:34:34 2016 PDT)

CANADA: Drug deaths on the rise in New Westminster
newwestrecord - A New Westminster non-profit will soon have a new way to help stem the surge of drug overdose deaths that led the province to declare a public health emergency last month. (Fri May 20 02:32:01 2016 PDT)

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