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anti-prohibition cartoons

Some anti-prohibition cartoons from Prohibition I

gleeful prohibitionist dances with gangsters Isn't that Heavenly Harmony? Prohibition's pals Prohibition Revue 'ats a way i stop um frum totin' liker an' drinkin agin thu law! 1360 victims of prohibition Fanatical Shotgun Prohibitionism pile of 1376 victims prohibitionist making a few sacrifices law enforcement servant of prohibitionist FOR GOD'S SAKE HELP US! (Repeal of Prohibition)

NEW! - 10/2014

Stinging Indictment of Prohibition Covering an Entire Century

"THE DOPE CHRONICLES: 1850-1950", published by Harper & Row, had documented the hysteria, the hypocrisy, and ultimately the failure by the government to enforce a policy of Prohibition.

The original source materials for "THE DOPE CHRONICLES" had been taken from runs of a dozen Major Metropolitan Daily Newspapers, 1850-1950.

1) The material was hilarious: Screaming Headlines, Lurid Addict Stories, Sob Sisters, Allegorical Editorial Cartoons, Fantastic Graphics, Dope Movies, Busts, Politics, Crime, "..Corruption"..

2) The irony was legendary: During the Roaring Twenties, the nation had been rallied by the Popular Press both AGAINST Alcohol Prohibition, but also IN FAVOR of Dope Prohibition. Propagandists, Lobbyists, and Spin Doctors were weaving their fantastic tales on the Editorial Pages.

3) And the outcome was tragic: Tens of thousands of deaths were credited to the hysterical and hypocritical attempts at legislating Public Morality.

The book is now out of print. But the original Source Materials remain: a MICROFILM COLLECTION of 2200 newspaper pages, culled from runs of a dozen Major Metropolitan Daily Newspapers, 1850-1950. (Only a couple hundred pages had been used for the book.)

The pages relate to the topics of Dope, Drugs, Prohibition, Hysteria, and the ambient culture from each decade. (ZIG-ZAG ads, 1919)

The collection, as a collective work, makes a powerful statement about the excesses of Prohibition.

It is filled with thousands of photos, illustrations and graphics---surrealistically depicting the Demons which were preying upon Society.

There are still many books to be made from this collection, including the Winsor McCay Dope/Prohibition Editorial Cartoons. (appx 120 of them)

The MICROFILM COLLECTION of 2200 newspaper pages is for sale.

To read more about the victims Prohibition II, see

  • In Memory of Civilian Casualties of the Drug War
  • The Wall ... ''One in four prisoners in the United States is serving time for a drug law violation. In the federal system, these people make up about 60% of the prison population.''

  • (2 meg) All images zipped into a single archive. About two megabytes.