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Themes in Chemical Prohibition: Sec 7
NIDA: Themes in Chemical Prohibition, William L. White, 1979

7. Policy Options are Presented as Total Prohibition or Total Access

Prohibitionist Carrie Nation with axe and Bible

Prohibitionists have always characterized themselves as being in a moral/religious battle against evil. This quality of the prohibitionist movements eliminated the option of compromise.
Prohibitionists characterize themselves as being in a moral/religious battle against evil
"Why do people claim pharmakeia is 'drug abuse?' .. people who disliked some aspect of others, searched the Bible for any hint to condemn them or trap them, and finding nothing, they turned to older texts with foreign words which have multiple meanings."
  • Pharmakeia Analysis
  • The choice as they saw and presented it was total prohibition or total access to the hated drugs. It was not that other methods of controlling use did not exist or would not work; it was the idea that all usage was sinful and must be stopped.

    Like an ongoing morality play, this same issue gets played out-repeatedly today with a new cast of characters. As bills are introduced to lower criminal penalties for various illicit drugs, one can anticipate any number of legislators standing to attack reduced penalties as an invitation for use and first step toward legalization of drug X.

    WCTU prohibition song - Air - Hold the Fort - Ho! My comrades, see - this signal Floating in the sky, Bids us work for Prohibition till the world is dry. Chorus : old the fort for we are coming, Comrades tried and true. We will work for Prohibition, Law enforcement, too. Now we want a million members: Come and swell he throng. Help us fight for Law Enforcement - Sing with us this song: chorus: So we'll work and march together with our flag unfurled, Till we carry Prohibition All around the world. Chorus: Hold the fort for we are coming, Marching, singing still. Will we work for Law Enforcement ? With God's help - We will.

    Total Prohibition

    Total Prohibition. Public hanging, Iran, 2001. 30 year old woman put to death for "drug trafficking".

    Total Prohibition. Public hanging, Iran, 2001. woman put to death for "drug trafficking".
    (2016) Every man in an Iranian Village - Executed by Government. Why? Because, "Drugs".
    (2015) Funding Executions - European states continue to fund drug hangings as Iran executions spike

    Total Prohibiton, China, 2007
    Total Prohibition. Public shooting, China, 2007.
    woman put to death for "drug trafficking".
    crazed islamic fundies hate pot - just like US fundies do
    Total Prohibition. Zealots and religio-prohibitionists know they are doing their god service by ridding the land of marijuana-sin (read: killing people for propaganda value, using marijuana as excuse). Never mind their Bibles, Korans, and Vedas say no such thing. In 1990, Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates told a U.S. Senate hearing that casual drug users "ought to be taken out and shot". ISIS agrees.
    Saudis hate pot - just like US police do
    Total Prohibition. "Drug policy director William Bennett said Sunday he would support ''something analogous'' to the death penalty for high-level bankers who launder drug money. Bennett has said he supports the death penalty for convicted drug kingpins and, in an appearance on NBC-TV's Meet the Press program, he said bankers who knowingly handle drug cash should be treated similarly. ''If we're talking about capital punishment for people who are high-level drug dealers, we ought to be talking about something analogous for the high-level banker who trades in drug cash'' (Orlando Sentinel, Feb 19, 1990)

  • Shock At ISIS Beheadings, Silence At Saudi Arabia's: Why?
  • Laurence M. Vance (2015); The Happy Beheaders, (Feb. 3, 2015,
  • Jacob Hornberger (2015); Would a Bigger Police State Win the Drug War?, (March 4, 2015,

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  • Cohen, Peter (2003), The Drug Prohibition Church and the Adventure of Reformation, International Journal of Drug Policy, Volume 14, Issue 2, April 2003, pp. 213-215.
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