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The Story of Your Enslavement
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Prison for Profit
The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex
Prison Profiteers (2013)


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Themes in Chemical Prohibition: Sec 8 NIDA: Themes in Chemical Prohibition, William L. White, 1979

8. Anyone Questioning Any of the Above Assumptions is Bitterly Attacked and Characterized as Part of the Problem That Needs to be Eliminated

concentration camp fence prison razorwire

A reading of any number of works which trace the development and evolution of our narcotics policy, all demonstrate the personal hazards in challenging those policies.

To attack or challenge existing policies has opened one up for charges ranging from a lack of patriotism to charges that the critic is himself part of the international drug conspiracy.

To most persons, confronting the issues surrounding the inadequacies of existing drug policy is simply not worth the challenges to their own personal integrity.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery, harassed and punished for questioning the drug war
Edward Forchion
Edward Forchion, harassed and punished for questioning the drug war
Loretta Nall
Loretta Nall, harassed and punished for questioning the drug war
Ed Rosenthal
Ed Rosenthal, harassed and punished for questioning the drug war

What are you, a Legaliser?
"What are you, a Legalizer?"
from "A Drug War Carol" (

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