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Topic: addiction (132 articles)

Description: addition or drug dependency

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    (Sat Apr 21 20:50:08 PDT 2018 )

      TOP: Coventry PD: Man Shoots Up Heroin With Passenger While Driving On Highway - Hartford Courant
      courant - (US) Coventry PD: Man Shoots Up Heroin With Passenger While Driving On Highway - Hartford Courant Coventry PD: Man Shoots Up Heroin With Passenger While Driving On Highway It kinds of shows the desperation of some people who are addicted to drugs. (Sat Apr 21 14:12:55 2018 PDT)

      TOP: The Oklahoman
      oklahoman - [ ...] ... (Sat Apr 21 14:11:57 2018 PDT)

      UK: Marijuana isn't a gateway drug -- alcohol is - Metro News
      metro - (US) Alcohol is ! Metro News Marijuana isn't a gateway drug –. (Sat Apr 21 10:11:01 2018 PDT)

      UK: There's more cocaine in London sewers than any other city in Europe - Metro News
      metro - (US) The EUb s drug agency said the average daily concentration of cocaine in London sewage was 737mg per 1000 people in 2014. (Sat Apr 21 10:11:01 2018 PDT)

      CANADA: DNSSAB calls for action on 'community crisis' - North Bay Nugget
      nugget - (Canada) The agency that oversees social services in Nipissing is calling for a third party review of mental health and addiction needs for the district. (Sat Apr 21 02:27:26 2018 PDT)

      CANADA: From addiction to fatherhood: How one New West resident turned his life around
      royalcityrecord - From addiction to fatherhood: How one New West resident turned his life around Josh Dahling is the 2018 Courage to Come Back award recipient in the addictions category Josh Dahling says if heb d been exposed to the grief counselling provided by the Camp Kerry Society. (Sat Apr 21 02:26:42 2018 PDT)

      CANADA: and#8216;Salt in a racist wound': Why it's never just and#8216;smoking weed for fun' for black people, but and#8216;smoking weed and breaking the law' - National Post
      nationalpost - (US) Sister Kate a b pot-loving feminist.b And As Canada and several regions in the United States move closer to cannabis legalization b Canada is set to become the first G7 country to legalize marijuana at a national level. While medicinal marijuana is legal in 28 states and recreational use is lawful in eight b there seems to be a steady stream of reporting on ordinary citizens finding ingenious ways to profit f... (Sat Apr 21 02:25:48 2018 PDT)

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