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Topic: government_prohib (35 articles)

Description: infamous prohibitionist who gets (or has gotten in the past) a government paycheck or money to buttress prohibition

  • part of the prohibitionist topic (69 articles)
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    • drug_czar - a drug propaganda chief (8 articles)

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    (Tue May 24 21:50:39 PDT 2016 )

      OH: News, Breaking News and More: The Morning Journal
      morningjournal - (US) S pharmacy board was scrapped Tuesday over concerns the rare setup nationally would create an undue burden on the state. Ohio patients push ballot over bill for medical marijuana COLUMBUS (( Patients and their families who are backing a medical marijuana ballot issue in Ohio said Wednesday that the proposed constitutional amendment offers a quicker and more effective way for them to get relief than legislation. (Tue May 24 18:54:55 2016 PDT)

      The North Bay Nugget
      nugget - (Canada) The multi-jurisdictional effort, launched in November and dubbed Project COAST, targeted "drug distribution networks trafficking prescription medications and illicit drugs" to communities across the region, according to a release. Police seized thousands of pills, as well as significant amounts of pot, cocaine and fentanyl patches. P... (Tue May 24 17:01:11 2016 PDT) [also thesudburystar6402]

      SooToday - (US) They were joined by Nishnawbe-Aski Nation leaders who provided insight into the challenges and devastating impacts illegal drugs and misuse of prescription medications have had on their citizens. 57792 methamphetamine tablets. (Tue May 24 12:01:11 2016 PDT)

      UK: Effects of Cocaine: How unethical is your line on a night out? - Metro News
      metro - (US) This is how many people have been killed for your gram of coke Why do we still buy cocaine? London is so big on coke we have the highest concentration of the stuff in our water out of all of Europe’. (Tue May 24 10:13:04 2016 PDT)

      [2]: Christie: Time for a new deal on addiction
      app - (US) Now dead after an apparent overdose on opiates complicated by alcoholB b B He said his friend b B whom he has never named b B was at the head of his law school study group and the first to find success after graduation. Nobody could have foreseen his descent into prescription drug abuse and the implosion of his personal and professional lives. (Mon May 23 23:14:32 2016 PDT)

      OR: Arkansas Governor's son arrested at Alabama music festival; accused of carrying 'Molly' - KVAL
      kval - (US) Was arrested in Alabama for possession of a controlled substance. (Mon May 23 22:40:14 2016 PDT) [also ktvl7152]

      FL: Alto funcionario de EEUU recomienda cautela en dialogos con Cuba - El Nuevo Herald
      elnuevoherald - (US) [ ...] ... (Mon May 23 18:29:59 2016 PDT)

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