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... and the Drug War (2014)
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Free Roger Christie

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Topic: government_prohib (75 articles)

Description: infamous prohibitionist who gets (or has gotten in the past) a government paycheck or money to buttress prohibition

  • part of the prohibitionist topic (114 articles)
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    • drug_czar - a drug propaganda chief (25 articles)

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    (Sat Nov 22 14:50:57 PST 2014 )

      10news - (US) In mid-October, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis did formally deputize nearly 60 deputy city attorneys. In mid-October, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis did formally de... (Sat Nov 22 13:31:44 2014 PST)

      wfmj - (US) Is an opioid pain reliever up to 20 times the strength of heroin. (Sat Nov 22 13:16:47 2014 PST)

      Yahoo Health
      Yahoo Health - Visit SAMHSA’s Call SAMHSA’s (Sat Nov 22 04:32:42 2014 PST)

      OR: Contents relevant to "marijuana legalization"
      wweek - Contents relevant to "marijuana legalization" Portland Will Pay $65800 a Year to Hire a Legal Weed Regulator Right now. The same money will pay the annual salary of Portlandb s first government weed regulator. (Fri Nov 21 22:55:25 2014 PST)

      TOP: Richmond Times-Dispatch: Richmond VA News, Sports, Politics, Classifieds, Public Notices and Commentary
      timesdispatch - (US) [ ...] ... (Fri Nov 21 14:25:27 2014 PST)

      "The Buzz" of St. Charles raided again; two men held on marijuan - KTTC ...
      kttc - (US) A man notorious for his efforts to legalize marijuana use in Minnesota was arrested in St. (Fri Nov 21 12:01:54 2014 PST)

      [2]: Drug War Profiteers: Book Exposes How Wachovia Bank Laundered Millions for Mexican Cartels - Democracy Now!
      democracynow - (US) Are Mexico's Missing Students the Victims of U.S.-Backed Drug War? U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly built up networks of Mexican informants that have allowed them to secretly infiltrate some of that country’. (Fri Nov 21 11:23:48 2014 PST)

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    As Bad For Your Lungs As Smoking 20 Normal Cigarettes? 20 times more likely to cause cancer than tobacco? Why does the US Government make cannabis researchers use only Government-issued marijuana?


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