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Police Brutality and the Drug War (2014)
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... and the Drug War (2014)
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Abolition key to new justice system
Private Prisons and the Enslavement Society (2013)
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The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex
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Topic: government_prohib (124 articles)

Description: infamous prohibitionist who gets (or has gotten in the past) a government paycheck or money to buttress prohibition

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    • drug_czar - a drug propaganda chief (16 articles)

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    (Wed Oct 1 10:51:01 PDT 2014 )

      Editorials from around Pennsylvania
      charlotteobserver - (US) NOT AS A MORAL FAILING Drug overdoses now are killing more people ages 20 to 44 than motor vehicle accidents in the state. (Wed Oct 01 09:17:12 2014 PDT)

      OH: Shelby County sheriff wants more state action to quell heroin crisis - The Columbus Dispatch
      dispatch - Shelby County sheriff wants more state action to quell heroin crisis ! The Columbus Dispatch Shelby County sheriff wants more state action to quell heroin crisis Ohio is figuring out how to count heroin overdose deaths faster. (Wed Oct 01 08:47:57 2014 PDT)

      INDIA: Indian-origin Costa is Portugal's next PM candidate - Hindustan Times
      hindustantimes - A new name is likely to be added to the list of Indian-origin people who hold or have held top political positions in various countries: Antonio Costa. (Wed Oct 01 08:18:26 2014 PDT)

      Massive Research Project Targets Chronic Pain in the Military
      painmedicinenews - Several federal agencies are tackling head-on the mounting problem of how to treat chronic pain in the U.S. military without exacerbating the country’. (Wed Oct 01 07:17:06 2014 PDT)

      2 W.Va. counties designated drug trafficking areas
      theintermountain - (US) Community Information - The Inter-Mountain 2 W.Va. counties designated drug trafficking areas (AP) b The federal government will provide additional help to two West Virginia counties to reduce drug abuse and drug trafficking. (Tue Sep 30 22:46:38 2014 PDT)

      6 Virginia cities, 1 county designated drug trafficking areas, will receive ...
      greenfieldreporter - Will receive federal help 6 Virginia cities. Will receive federal help Drug-related crime RICHMOND. (Tue Sep 30 22:16:33 2014 PDT)

      sbs - Comment: Is marijuana more addictive than alcohol? ! SBS News Comment: Is marijuana more addictive than alcohol? That is. You must know: Is marijuana less addictive than alcohol. The answer to this and other questions surrounding the safety of marijuana is b we donb t know yet.b Pot has been illegal for decades. (Tue Sep 30 22:01:42 2014 PDT)

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