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Topic: heroin (171 articles)

Description: heroin, heroine, diamorphine

  • part of the chemicals topic (482 articles)
  • part of the euphoric_depressant topic (219 articles)
  • part of the analgesic topic (278 articles)
  • part of the opiate topic (219 articles)
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    (Fri Oct 20 08:50:30 PDT 2017 )

      OH: Ohio seeks technology ideas to solve national opioid crisis -
      nbc4i - (US) She said she supports any effort that encourages understanding that addiction is a disease. (Fri Oct 20 08:49:47 2017 PDT)

      CANADA: 18 drug overdose deaths in Coquitlam so far in 2017
      tricitynews - Coquitlam so far in 2017 The number of illicit drug overdoses in Coquitlam continues to climb, prompting one recovery house administrator to call the situation a b crisis.b The numb... (Fri Oct 20 02:09:28 2017 PDT)

      [2]: Alleged drug traffickers, the and#x2018;TEAM,' indicted on charges for selling fentanyl-laced heroin causing death
      theoaklandpress - (US) Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard holds up a list of names of people who had overdosed on opioids in Oakland County in the last two years and were saved after deputies administered Narcan. (Thu Oct 19 23:14:07 2017 PDT) [also theoaklandpress21608]

      [2]: The Oakland Press: Breaking News, Sports, Business, Entertainment and Oakland County News
      theoaklandpress - (US) Alleged drug traffickers, the ‘TEAM,’ indicted on charges for selling fentanyl-laced heroin causing death Alleged drug traffickers, the ‘TEAM,’ indicted on charges for selling fentanyl-laced heroin causing... (Thu Oct 19 23:14:07 2017 PDT)

      [2]: Deadly Addiction: and#x2018;Can't arrest our way out of this'
      theoaklandpress - (US) Numbers released by the state Department of Health & Human Services this month indicate deaths from using opioids continue to increase at an alarming rate from what some have called an opioid epidemic. (Thu Oct 19 23:14:07 2017 PDT)

      [2]: Deputies: Rochester Hills woman given 2 doses of Narcan to save her from OD
      theoaklandpress - (US) A Rochester Hills woman suspected of overdosing on heroin Tuesday morning was given two doses of Narcan to bring her back to consciousness. (Thu Oct 19 23:14:07 2017 PDT) [also theoaklandpress3468]

      AK: KTUU - News
      ktuu - (US) Spotlight on Youth MAP: See where legal marijuana is sold around Alaska Here's where pot businesses are open and poised to open. (Thu Oct 19 18:29:45 2017 PDT)

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