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Devvy Kidd -- End the Violence, Legalize all Drugs - A Pipe Dream

Found: Wed Jun 20 21:01:51 2012 PDT
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Devvy Kidd -- End the Violence, Legalize all Drugs - A Pipe Dream Devvy Kidd -- End the Violence, Legalize all Drugs - A Pipe Dream

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By: Devvy

June 19, 2012

There has been a major push in this country for many years to legalize all drugs - especially by Libertarians and two presidential candidates, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson (who dropped out early on):

"During a "lightning round" where candidates were asked to answer questions about the issues that would give them the most problems during the primaries, both libertarian candidates-- Paul and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson-- were asked to defend their liberal stances on drugs. First was Rep. Paul, who Fox's Chris Wallace confronted with his controversial position that drugs and prostitution should be legalized. His unapologetic response elicited cheers from the crowd, as he argues that, just as "you don't have the First Amendment so you could talk about the weather," civil liberties do not exist to protect personal rights upon which most agree. He later likened private freedoms like this to religious freedoms, prompting Wallace's follow-up: "Are you suggesting that heroin and prostitution are an exercise of liberty?"

"After tripping up a little, Rep. Paul replied "yes," then found himself arguing in favor of legalizing heroin, asking, "if we legalize heroin tomorrow, is everyone is going use heroin? How many people here would use heroin if it were legal?" The question was greeted with cheers, to which Wallace replied with a smile, "I never thought heroin would get an applause in South Carolina."

"While Rep. Paul took the drug issue on from a philosophical perspective, libertarian bird-of-a-feather Johnson appealed to the empirical sensibilities of the audience. Describing the legalization issue as a "cost-benefit analysis," Johnson threw out some facts on the "war on drugs": "half of what we spend on law enforcement, the courts, and the prisons is drug-related... we're arresting 1.8 million people a year in this country-- we have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world." While this rhetoric didn't have the "wow" factor of Rep. Paul's hearty support of heroin, it highlighted the difference between primary and general election audiences to see how Paul's simple arguments were met with cheers while Johnson's, which take a bit more time to digest and dispatch any moral qualms with legalizing drugs, were met with silence."

Sounds good. Who isn't for freedom and liberty? However, too many Libertarians and people who do drugs confuse licentiousness with liberty.

We've all read about the increase of violence spilling over the border from Mexico by the drug cartels. Everyday you can read about it on line or in your local paper - especially in the four border states. Why? Because America's doper class who use drugs are the fuel feeding the fire. Legalizing drugs will stop the drug cartel wars spilling over our borders, but it will not stop the violence in this country by drug addicted Americans.

"Mother, 28, who was hooked on cannabis found hanged next to the body of her six-year-old daughter. "A mother was found hanged in her flat yards away from the lifeless body of her six-year-old daughter after spiralling into a severe depression following heavy cannabis use. Clare White, 28, had been smoking the drug virtually every day despite suffering a 'drug-induced psychotic episode' aged 17 which left her temporarily unable to speak, an inquest heard yesterday."

"Inside America's meth capital: "The town where a mother gunning down her children comes as no surprise in a tragic drug war. When a 23-year-old Fresno woman fatally shot her two toddlers and a cousin, critically wounded her husband then turned the gun on herself last Sunday, investigators immediately suspected methamphetamine abuse in what otherwise was inexplicable carnage....'Once people who are on meth become psychotic, they are very dangerous,' said Dr. Alex Stalcup, who treated Haight Ashbury heroin users in the 1960s, but now researches meth and works with addicts in the San Francisco Bay Area suburbs. 'They're completely bonkers; they're nuts. We're talking about very extreme alterations of normal brain function. Once someone becomes triggered to violence, there aren't any limits or boundaries.'

"Chronic use of the harsh chemical compound known as speed or crank can lead to psychosis, which includes hearing voices and experiencing hallucinations. "The stimulant effect of meth is up to 50 times longer than cocaine, experts say, so users stay awake for days on end, impairing cognitive function and contributing to extreme paranoia.

"'It's not illegal because we don't want people to feel better. It's illegal because it makes good people do crazy things,' said Mailloux's defence attorney, Mark Anthony Raimondo. In Oklahoma, authorities charged Lyndsey Fiddler with second-degree manslaughter after an aunt found her infant daughter in a washing machine thudding off balance in the spin cycle. The aunt told authorities that Fiddler had been up for three days using meth. In Albuquerque, N.M., last month Liehsa Henderson, high on meth, claimed to be God and told police God wanted her son to die after allegedly stabbing him in the neck with a screwdriver. The boy survived.

"Last Sunday, Fresno police found Mendez dead on the bathroom floor of her home. Her children - 17-month-old Aliyah Echevarria and Isaiah Echevarria, 3 - were in the bathtub. Mendez's cousin was dead in the kitchen. She had shot each in the head. The children's father remains hospitalized with stabbing and gunshot wounds."

Thug who attacked two students in unprovoked assault is spared jail so he can get married and go on honeymoon. "Lee Moss was serving 12-month suspended sentence for growing a cannabis farm when he launched vicious attack. The 40-year-old's defence pleads that ‘drink and cocaine' were probably a reason for his aggression."

Missing & Murdered Montana Teacher Sherry Arnold Choked to Death and Buried in Random Abduction. The killers admitted to doing crack cocaine the entire weekend. Just wanted a little sex with the dope. Did the cost of their drugs make the difference in Spell murdering an innocent wife, mother, sister and teacher? Not hardly. Crack is the cheapest drug on the market. A small rock is worth about $10 bux on the street. It's what it does to your brain.

There are a million stories just like ones above. The violence is epidemic. Children suffer the worst from "parents" who load up on drugs like meth or heroin or tragically teens who have become addicted to drugs:

Family 'acquaintance gave teen heroin in exchange for sex the day before she was found brutally stabbed to death'.

Black eyes, bad diaper rash, and hoarse from screaming': The short and tragic life of boy found 'dead at meth house.

There are a million stories just like the ones above. Go talk to your county sheriff.

The use of drugs is a major cause of domestic violence and acquiring diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis:

"Usually when we hear the word "cost," we think in terms of money. Although there are significant monetary costs associated with methamphetamine abuse, there are also human costs to consider. The physical effects (brain damage, kidney and lung disorders, liver damage, and even death) as well as psychological damage (severe depression and at times paranoid psychosis) to meth users were discussed last week and are obvious personal costs. But what about the lost potential of those persons with their families, at school or work? Additionally, the violent behavior, frequently associated with methamphetamine abuse hurts others. Family and close friends are often targets of the meth-user's violence. Police in Contra Costa County, California, report that nearly 90 % of the domestic violence calls they investigate are methamphetamine related. Law enforcement officers and jail personnel may also be subjected to the meth abuser's physical aggression. Then, of course, there is the violence and killing among the methamphetamine distributors, directed toward others for the purpose of intimidation, retaliation, or discipline."

Do people really think legalizing drugs will stop the violence? People who believe that must be smoking a pipe full. You can make meth, cocaine or heroin legal. But, even if they were available for ten cents a pound, it will not stop the violence, abuse of children through lack of care by a "parent" or the massive health care costs associated with drug use. Why? Because drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin are incredibly addicting - something Ron Paul knows to be true since he's been a medical doctor since the early 1960s.

Legalizing meth, cocaine and heroin would only feed addiction, not stop it. The need for those drugs is so powerful, people kill people every day of the week for a fix. Sometimes their children, sometimes strangers. Legalize drugs because it takes away the financial incentive thus no more violence. Or so the popular mantra goes. What happens when the drug addict can't get his fix because an "official" fix station is closed for the night? Don't people understand all the psychological and psychopharmacologic problems that come with drug addiction? Don't people see the violence that happens 24/7, 365 days a week in this country because of people whacked out on drugs even if they got their dope free from someone?

The cost of the drug doesn't stop the violence whether it be against a family member or a stranger. Do you want to be sitting across from some crack head on public transit, the subway or a bus who suddenly decides you looked at him wrong?

Don't we have enough man hours lost to employers every year because of drug use that interferes with a person's job performance? Not to mention having to lay off someone because of drug use. The cost of training someone new just adds to the over head; those costs get passed on to the consumer.

I'm not talking about medical marijuana, a hot topic for several years. I absolutely believe anyone who has diseases like cancer should have the right to use marijuana to help them should they choose horrible treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. However, the General Government has no jurisdiction regarding that issue and the states should fight the correct legal argument:

"Control over the possession and sale of any item within the states is not a power possessed by Congress. This was so held in United States v. DeWitt, 76 U.S. 41, 45 (1870), which tested the constitutionality of a federal revenue act making it illegal to sell illuminating oil of a certain flammability. Here, the Court held Congress did not have the power to penalize these sales: "As a police regulation, relating exclusively to the internal trade of the States, it can only have effect where the legislative authority of Congress excludes, territorially, all state legislation, as, for example, in the District of Columbia. Within state limits, it can have no constitutional operation."

If you read Larry Becraft's full column, you'll see the same thing we have been for a hundred years: When the Outlaw Congress wants to circumvent the U.S. Constitution, they use the treaty power. However, treaties cannot over ride the U.S. Constitution.

Gil Kerlikowske, director of National Drug Control Policy has it right: "Decades of research and experience show us crime and drug use are linked and too often underlying substance use disorders are the driving force of criminal activity taking place in our communities.... we cannot simply arrest our way out of the drug problem."

Cocaine rots your brain. It speeds up the aging process of your brain. Heroin, which Ron Paul thinks should be legal is highly addictive and most never get the monkey off their back:

"Heroin depresses, or slows down, the central nervous system. This can cause the heart rate to slow, and blood pressure to drop. Respiratory functions can also be impaired. Prolonged use of heroin can lead to heart and/or lung failure. Heroin creates conditions of bad health over all, making the body susceptible to illness. Liver disease and pneumonia are just a couple of the problems that can result from the body's lowered immune system abilities...The culture of heroin substance abuse lends itself to certain effects that may not be directly related to the drug's effects on the body. However, these other effects can have very real and lasting effects on someone's long-term health.

"The repeated use of needles. Many people do not think about the effects the repeated use of needles can have in terms of heroin substance abuse. However, these effects should not be discounted. Because the fastest way to experience a "rush" is to inject the heroin directly into the blood stream, needle use is very common amongst heroin users. Unfortunately, the repeated use of needles can have very negative consequences:

"Collapsed veins. Eventually, continually injecting heroin into the same spot can result in collapsed veins. This leads some heroin users to move on to another vein. Some heroin addicts have collapsed several veins as they move on to "usable" entrance points for needles. Infectious diseases. Many heroin users actually use the drug in groups, often even at the dealer's location. This often results in shared needles. This means that it is possible to get diseases from infected users. Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS can be contracted this way. These are two diseases that, while they are often "managed," cannot be cured.

"Effects of additives to heroin. Sometimes heroin dealers mix the drug with other substances to stretch supply and make more money. This can be very dangerous. Some of the additives do not dissolve as well as heroin does, and this can lead to blood vessel clogging. This can lead to heart, lung and kidney problems. Heroin affects unborn children. It is important to remember that heroin will also affect a fetus. Heroin use can result in spontaneous abortion as well. Low birth rate among children that do survive prenatal heroin exposure is common, and this can cause developmental problems."

More trips to the doctor clogging up our health care system for a voluntary, destructive choice.

Ron Paul said, "If we legalize heroin tomorrow, is everyone is going use heroin?" No, not everyone, but since the deliberate push for people to do drugs during the degeneracy of the "sexual revolution" of the '60s, a whole lot of people have decided to try it and once hooked, it's just a slow, miserable ride to death. Those hippies and closet drug addicts unleashed almost 40 years of misery upon this country:

"Children of the Sixties refusing to quit drugs. "Use by the over-50s has increased tenfold in 20 years. The number of middle-aged drug users is on the rise, as many who first experimented during the liberal Sixties and Seventies refuse to give up the habit. According to research by scientists, cannabis use among the over-50s has increased tenfold since the 1990s. The number of older people who have taken other illegal substances such as cocaine, LSD and amphetamines has also increased."

That article also says: "But overall the number of adults using cannabis has fallen in the last decade, particularly among the 16 to 24 age group. Experts believe this is due to a change in attitude among youngsters who are more aware of its health risks." How about your youngster:

Study Finds More Teens Smoking Pot Than Cigarettes. The study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveys over 15,000 teens across the country looking at all kinds of risky behavior in 2011. And while only 18 percent of teens reported smoking a cigarette in the past 30 days, a higher percentage -- 23 percent -- say they smoked marijuana in the past month."

Wonder why your teen is zoned out, getting bad grades, becoming sexually promiscuous? Sadly, it could be drugs, but according to those who want to legalize them, real freedom means doing drugs as long as it doesn't hurt someone else:

A dark corner of America: Photographs show Philadelphia's seedy, drug-fueled underbelly and its inhabitants' struggle to survive. That article discusses the usual that comes with drug use: robbery, rape, prostitution, children suffering in homes where drugs are the normal. Do people really think making them cheap will stop all those crimes? All it does is feed the addiction of drug users - addiction so powerful women will do cocaine, meth and heroin right up to their time of delivery knowing how they are damaging their unborn child. You can duplicate that story in dozens of major cities in America and tragically, it has spread over the years to the suburbs and the Heartland.

Pre-med student, 22, fell to her death at Las Vegas hotel after suffering paranoid delusions from ecstasy taken at rave. "An aspiring doctor fell to her death from a Las Vegas hotel after having drug-induced hallucinations at a music festival. Emily McCaughan, 22, who attended the University of Arizona, died last week after falling from her room on the 27th floor to a third-floor roof." Her family said she wasn't a drug addict, it was just a terrible accident. Well, tough luck for Emily. She was only enjoying true freedom and liberty and her death didn't hurt anyone else, right? A senseless, tragic waste of a beautiful young woman with her whole future ahead of her.

What about the most vulnerable victims?

Toddler found high on heroin during mother's arrest in Washington. "In the backseat of the car was her son, who was taken to a local hospital after deputies became concerned he was extremely lethargic. One deputy said it was apparent the boy was high from the heroin that his mother had been smoking in the car, KOMO reported. It is the second time the boy has been placed under the protection of Child Protective Services, following an incident in 2010 when his mother crashed a car with him inside while she was high on marijuana or PCP."

"Florida mom accused of selling sex with daughter, 6, to buy drugs. Police began investigating Jacksonville Beach resident Dalina Nicholas, 35, when a homeless man, who had been doing drugs at Nicholas's home, told officers he witnessed child abuse there. Investigators then interviewed the six-year-old girl, who was in the custody of Nicholas's parents, and she told them about sexual attacks by three men, as well as physical abuse."

What happens when the drug use does affect others - especially children? No problem. Throw the parents in jail so the kids are put in child protective agencies running up the tab for taxpayers. Or, the parents get to keep a child and because they're drug addicts can't get work so they end up on the welfare rolls. A vicious cycle that keeps repeating because people are just doing something that is harmless. "As long as it doesn't hurt someone else". Like the two children above.

Dopers, rich or poor, should be made to pay the tab for their rehabilitation, not taxpayers. Personal behavior brings personal responsibility. If you get addicted to drugs (even prescription medications), it's your responsibility to pay the cost of getting yourself clean, not mine. Not mine through higher taxes or higher insurance premiums.

Do I believe the official 'war on drugs' is a massive failure? Yes, I absolutely do. The whole thing is a gigantic fraud. I also believe politicians, even those who sincerely want to see people off drugs so they can live happy, healthy productive lives, have passed laws that are morally wrong just to get more votes at election time:

Denying Clemency for Draconian Sentencing Based on Bad Information - The Case of Clarence Aaron

"Clarence Aaron, at the time of his arrest, was a 23-year-old college senior and first-time offender. Yet Aaron was convicted and given an extraordinary three life sentences without a chance for parole for his role in abetting a non-violent drug deal, although Aaron himself was neither a seller, nor a buyer, nor a supplier. All of the other people who were involved in the crime--people who had made careers in the drug business--pled guilty, pointed their fingers at Aaron, and received comparatively light sentences, all of which have now been served. Meanwhile, Aaron, the person with the least involvement in the transaction, is serving his three life sentences, as a model prisoner.

"The true facts from this 1993 drug transaction are difficult to ascertain. The U.S. Attorney's Office that prosecuted Aaron relied on co-conspirators who turned on Aaron to gain their freedom. These co-conspirators, however, proved to have testified falsely. Yet when discussing this case, it seems that the office at issue is incapable of disavowing its own witnesses, despite the fact that those witnesses today admit that they lied about Aaron in order to get lesser sentences for themselves."

24 year old gets three life sentences for witnessing a drug deal

"Although it's been almost two decades since Aaron was sentence to spend the rest of his life (and two more) behind bars, his story has recently resurfaced thanks to pleads being published by prisoners such as Ferranti and other journalists who have jumped on ProPublica's recent report. Last month, the Washington Post profiled the inmate and added some insight into how his release might someday become a reality.

"When the US Justice Department's Office of the Pardon Attorney last sent the White House Aaron's application for commutation, the George W. Bush administration refused his plea. Now, reports the Post, it's been revealed that crucial information was disregarded in the documentation that could have otherwise helped release Aaron. Kenneth Lee, the layer who had worked under the White House when the case was first brought to them, tells the Post that had he been privy to the information available now he would have urged President Bush to pardon the convict."

Clarence Aaron's case makes me sick. The judicial and prison systems need bodies to justify their big budgets. In Clarence Aaron's case, it's just another in a line long where exculpatory evidence was withheld or perjured testimony was used get a conviction. Aaron's case is completely different from this one:

Feds Steal "Camp Zoe" in Missouri, Prepare to Imprison its Owner. "According to the Feds, Tebeau's crime was to permit the sale of marijuana, LSD and mushrooms, while instructing employees to evict people who sold heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, and nitrous oxide."

Tebeau knew the sale of "pot", LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms was against the law, yet he did it anyway. Oh, heck, say Libertarians, it's all about freedom as long as you don't hurt someone else. So what if LSD fries your brain?

The after effects of LSD:

"However the hangover developed into the exact same feeling that I had when I had the bad trip. It wasn't as intense, but the same feelings of anxiety, a loss of my sense of reality, and general discomfort came with the feeling. These feelings lasted through the day, but I tolerated them and made it to sleep. I woke up the next morning... today, and the feelings were still there. Today was better than yesterday, but still noticeably 'not right.' Is this depression? Anxiety? I am very confused and concerned for my mental health. I'm not crazy but I fear I'm on the way. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I plan to see about prescription Xanax or Valium."

That man will go from one drug to another. Side effects of Xanax, another addictive drug that can cause seizures, also can cause drowsiness, tiredness, fatigue, impaired coordination, irritability, memory impairment, dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, joint pain, trouble sleeping (insomnia), anxiety, abnormal movements, decreased or increased sexual drive, depression, confusion, muscle twitching, weakness, fainting, numbness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increased or decreased salivation, stomach pain, upper respiratory tract infection, ringing in the ears, fast heartbeat, chest pain, blurred vision, rash, sweating, increased rate of breathing, change in appetite, weight loss or gain, menstrual disorders, trouble urinating, sexual dysfunction, water retention.

People who become depressed kill their kids and themselves. Sexual dysfunction causes all kinds of social bad behavior like turning to prostitutes and increasing your chances of getting HIV/AIDS, not to mention depression and frustration. Does anyone really think Xanax is good for your body and your brain? How about the health costs associated with all the above? Gee, my doctor prescribed Xanax and now I have 10 new problems I can't deal with so off to the doctor, expensive tests and more prescription pills. It's like being on a merry-go-round.

On May 1, 2012, I interviewed our great sheriff, Stan Parker, here in Big Spring, Texas. This is a small rural down in West Texas. Sheriff Parker told me a substantial number of arrests in our county are drug related. Sheriff Parker supports effective in jail drug programs and so I do. However, if the laws were changed, we would need less of those costly programs because there would be less people incarcerated for non violent arrests involving drugs.

All maximum sentence drug laws should be wiped off the books and get the General Government out of the states drug laws and enforcement. Drug laws should be written to address cases on an individual basis where mercy can and should be combined with enforcement. People caught smoking pot or a father trying to kill himself by doing "recreational" cocaine over the weekend should not do jail time, but should pay for drug rehabilitation. Not their insurance company, but out of their wallet. I believe only when a person is forced to pay with the fruits of their labor do they take something seriously. Whether it's $1.00 a week or a grand a week for rich drug users like many in the Hollywood crowd, paying for rehabilitation sends a message to the user: rehab will come out of their pocket, not yours.

The "war on drugs" is a multi billion dollar industry that must be dismantled and start over. There is no constitutional authority to steal from you and me to send any federal law enforcement to other countries to "fight the war on drugs". There is no constitutional authority to steal from you and me to pay foreign countries to stop growing opium or any other drug. That's just part of the big business that has done NOTHING to stop the epidemic of drug addiction in this country. It's the four border states legislatures who have sat back and allowed the massive influx of drugs to come across the border because they have never told Congress to get out of their state, they have no jurisdiction. All the simpering, task forces and gab fest get togethers involving federal agencies won't stop the drugs from coming. I know our border control agents are giving their best and we salute them, but it's all about politics and agendas. Make no mistake about that.

Prior to the sex and drug "revolution" of the 1960s, millions of tons of drugs did not come across our borders. There is just too much evidence that rogue elements within the U.S. government are using drugs as their cash cow for black ops, not to mention protecting the drug industry in foreign countries where it eventually ends up here. The gutless cowards in the Outlaw Congress have refused to investigate CIA drug running for decades. State legislatures need to hold hearings in their capitol and bring in investigative journalists who will bring the proof and kick out the federal alphabet soup agencies, many of whom are guilty. We know U.S. military have been guarding opium crops in Afghanistan for years.

- US-CIA Heroin Transit Base Proven

- Federal Agents Helped Major Drug Trafficker Move Millions in Cash

- The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic by Michael Levine, former DEA Agent

- Banking giant accused of laundering billions (Think none of it was drug money?)

I would encourage sheriffs across the country to contact their state legislators and demand open hearings. As I said above, forget any "investigations" that might be proposed by the crooks and cowards in the Outlaw Congress. They're the ones who have let this mess become an out of control epidemic besides the fact this is a Tenth Amendment issue. There are so many fine investigative journalists and authors like Michael Levine who can testify based on their first hand knowledge, experience and bring any evidence they have unearthed. Then state legislatures can release those hearings to the whole country and we'll see outrage all across this country.

The Outlaw Congress has also turned a blind eye for decades to the big banks laundering all that dirty drug money:

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal. "Just before sunset on April 10, 2006, a DC-9 jet landed at the international airport in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, 500 miles east of Mexico City. As soldiers on the ground approached the plane, the crew tried to shoo them away, saying there was a dangerous oil leak. So the troops grew suspicious and searched the jet. They found 128 black suitcases, packed with 5.7 tons of cocaine, valued at $100 million. The stash was supposed to have been delivered from Caracas to drug traffickers in Toluca, near Mexico City, Mexican prosecutors later found. Law enforcement officials also discovered something else.

"The smugglers had bought the DC-9 with laundered funds they transferred through two of the biggest banks in the U.S.: Wachovia Corp. and Bank of America Corp., Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its August 2010 issue. This was no isolated incident. Wachovia, it turns out, had made a habit of helping move money for Mexican drug smugglers. Wells Fargo & Co., which bought Wachovia in 2008, has admitted in court that its unit failed to monitor and report suspected money laundering by narcotics traffickers -- including the cash used to buy four planes that shipped a total of 22 tons of cocaine."

First and foremost it is the demand for drugs that keeps them coming across the border and cooking in kitchens across the country. People who do drugs have a need to get high, a need to avoid reality and their problems instead of dealing with them as an adult. Do you think maybe it has something to do with parenting and a full time mom to keep impressionable children from taking the wrong path as they get older? 'Course not. That's very politically incorrect. Divorce and dysfunction in families contributes to a huge degree. Then again, having parents who are dopers doesn't lend to raising children who grow up to be independent, self- reliant and filled with confidence to confront life head on along with all the challenges.

Ultimately, it falls upon mom and dad to keep the dialogue open with your children, yeah, children because kids as young as 10 are becoming addicted to illegal drugs. Not the schools, not the government, but parents. Show your teen what their face will look like after doing meth for a while. Sit your pre teen and teen down and watch Faces of Meth Users so they can see just how rockin' they will look once meth starts eating their face. Parents can also keep their teens and pre-teens from idolizing Hollweird "stars" and entertainers addicted to drugs. Tragic cases like Whitney Houston, Anna Nichole Smith and Amy Winehouse are simply glossed over by the media.

While I have actively supported the many, many bills Ron Paul has introduced in Congress over the years and his relentless fight against government tyranny, the message he's been giving across America to college kids and in a presidential debate about legalizing all drugs in my opinion is toxic and destructive. I'm not just picking on Ron Paul. There are many high profile individuals who also advocate legalizing highly addictive drugs. Freedom and liberty doesn't mean encouraging the ravages of addictive drug use.


1- Must read: Red Cocaine and the Drugging of America

2- The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power

3- Straight From Oz: Real Reason Elites Intend to Legalize Some Drugs?

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.

Devvy's regularly posted new columns are on her site at: You can also sign up for her free email alerts.

E-mail is:

Prior to the sex and drug "revolution" of the 1960s, millions of tons of drugs did not come across our borders. There is just too much evidence that rogue elements within the U.S. government are using drugs as their cash cow for black ops, not to mention protecting the drug industry in foreign countries where it eventually ends up here.

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 addiction 60%
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"addiction" "addicted" "addicts" "hooked"16Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers (Thomas Szasz)
propaganda_theme2 : drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugsmadness, violence, illness

propaganda theme2
[news] [concept]

"the drug problem" "Violence" "violent" "Murdered" "murdering" "murderous" "killers" "crime" "crimes" "crime--people" "criminal" "hurts" "hurt" "dangerous" "kill people" "health risks" "feelings of anxiety" "sweating" "blurred vision" "heart rate" "blood pressure" "Death" "anxiety" "misery" "impaired coordination" "brain damage" "damage" "damaging" "impairing" "impaired" "impairment" "cancer" "problems" "problem" "addictive" "depression" "paranoia" "paranoid" "hallucinations" "aggression" "psychotic" "psychosis" "delusions" "drug-fueled" "diseases" "disease" "accident" "carnage" "suffering" "associated with drug" "fear" addiction115Madness Crime Violence Illness (propaganda theme 2)
Distortion 18: Cannabis and Mental Illness
propaganda_theme3 : drug war propaganda theme: survival of societysurvival of society

propaganda theme3 75%
[news] [concept]

"freedoms" "freedom" "America" "Americans" "communities" "this country" "this country--" "our county" "the country"30Survival of Society (propaganda theme 3)
 use is abuse

use is abuse
[news] [concept]

"substance abuse" "substance use" "drug use" "drug users" "use of drugs" "using drugs" "cannabis use" "use marijuana" "abuse" "abuser"28Use is Abuse (propaganda theme 4)

gateway 55%
[news] [concept]

"can lead to"4Use is Abuse, Gateway (propaganda theme 4)
Distortion 7: Gateway
propaganda_theme4 : drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse, gatewaygateway, use is abuse

propaganda theme4
[news] [concept]

use is abuse gateway Use is Abuse, Gateway (propaganda theme 4)
propaganda_theme5 : drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugschildren

propaganda theme5
[news] [concept]

"pre-teens" "child" "children" "kids" "teens" "teen" "toddlers" "Toddler" "youngsters" "youngster" "message" "prostitution" "prostitutes"47Children Corrupted (propaganda theme 5)
propaganda_theme6 : drug war propaganda theme: demonize; use of drugs is epidemic; wardemonize, war, epidemic

propaganda theme6 90%
[news] [concept]

"epidemic" "drug war" "war on drugs" "assault" "struggle"11Demonize, War (propaganda theme 6)
List of wars on concepts
Perpetual war
propaganda_theme7 : drug war propaganda theme: total prohibiton or accesstotal prohibition

propaganda theme7
[news] [concept]

"morally" "Legalize all Drugs" "Legalize drugs" "Legalize" "legalized" "legalizing" "legalization" "advocate legalizing" legalization25Total Prohibition or Access (propaganda theme 7)
 moral imperative
[news] [concept]
"we cannot"1Majestic plural
Moral imperative
Categorical imperative
 celebrity scapegoat
[news] [concept]
"Whitney Houston" "Amy Winehouse"
 drug of abuse

illegal drugs
[news] [concept]

cannabis hallucinogen stimulant narcotic various illegal drugs addiction  
[news] [concept]
various drugs tranquilizer  
 drug law
[news] [concept]
"drug laws"3 
 drug reform party 55%
[news] [concept]
"Libertarians" "libertarian"5 
 gary johnson
[news] [concept]
"New Mexico governor Gary Johnson--" "Gary Johnson" "Gary Johnson--" "Johnson" "Johnson--"
Gary E. Johnson
 drug policy
[news] [concept]
"the drug problem"1 
[news] [concept]
government prohib Prohibition
Cognitive liberty
Lobbyists Getting Rich Off Drug War (2012)
 infamous prohibitionist (gov't.-hired)

government prohib
[news] [concept]

drug czar A Drug War Carol, page 22
Prohibition era political cartoons
prohibition_agency : various drug prohibition and propaganda agencies and police; tax-supported entities dependent on continuing prohibitiongovernment drug warrior

prohibition agency
[news] [concept]

"police" "law enforcement" "enforcement officials" "military" "DEA" "prosecutors" "Camp" drug propaganda agency18Drug Enforcement Administration
The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal
 government drug propaganda agency

drug propaganda agency
[news] [concept]

"National Drug Control Policy" drug
 a drug propaganda chief

drug czar
[news] [concept]

"Gil Kerlikowske" "Kerlikowske"2A Drug War Carol, page 22
[news] [concept]
"Legalize drugs" "Legalize all Drugs" "legalizing drugs" "Legalizing drugs will stop the drug" "legalizing all drugs" "legalizing highly addictive drugs" "Legalize Some Drugs" "drugs and prostitution should be legalized" "legalization" "Legalize" "legalized"
hallucinogen : the hallucinogens or psychedelics; also disassociativeshallucinogen
[news] [concept]
"hallucinogenic" "hallucinations" psychedelic dissociative anaesthetic gas dissociative
Wikipedia: Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants
 psychoactive chemical

[news] [concept]

amphetamines cocaine heroin LSD methamphetamine nitrous opium opiate
 psychoactive plant

[news] [concept]

cannabis magic mushroom tobacco
 psychoactive pharmaceutical

[news] [concept]

alprazolam diazepam benzodiazepine
 euphoric depressant
[news] [concept]
heroin opium opiate  
[news] [concept]
alprazolam diazepam benzodiazepine  
 euphoric stimulant
[news] [concept]
cocaine methamphetamine  
[news] [concept]
alprazolam diazepam benzodiazepine  
 dissociative anaesthetic
[news] [concept]
dissociative anaesthetic gas  
[news] [concept]
heroin opium opiate  
 dissociative anaesthetic gas
[news] [concept]
[news] [concept]
LSD magic mushroom
[news] [concept]
[news] [concept]
benzodiazepine Thomas Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility
[news] [concept]
"stimulant" amphetamines cocaine1 
 mushroom psychedelic

magic mushroom
[news] [concept]

"hallucinogenic mushrooms" "mushrooms"
[news] [concept]
"methamphetamine" "meth" "crank"
Amphetamines: The Swedish experience
medical_cannabis : cannabis for medical usemedical cannabis
[news] [concept]
"medical marijuana" "smoked marijuana"
[news] [concept]
"narcotics" opiate1Managing Pain
opiate : a substance derived from the opium poppyopiate
[news] [concept]
opium heroin Managing Pain
amphetamines : various amphetaminesamphetamines
[news] [concept]
"amphetamines" "speed" "speeds" methamphetamine3The amphetamines - Consumers Union Report
cocaine : cocaine; any formcocaine
[news] [concept]
[news] [concept]
"crack cocaine" "crack" "crack head"
[news] [concept]
Managing Pain
 lysergic acid diethylamide

[news] [concept]

 Nitrous Oxide

[news] [concept]

"nitrous oxide"
The Nitrous Oxide Philosopher;

opium 60%
[news] [concept]

cannabis : cannabis (marijuana) product or usecannabis
[news] [concept]
"marijuana" "cannabis" "Pot" "Smoking Pot" medical cannabis17Cannabis: Religious and Spiritual Uses
Cannabis-Driving Studies Cannabis Link DB
Schaffer Library: Marijuana

[news] [concept]


[news] [concept]


[news] [concept]

alprazolam diazepam

[news] [concept]

 various drugs 95%
[news] [concept]
"Drugs" "drug" "drug-related" "drug-induced" "drug-fueled" "Drugging"152 
 various illegal drugs
[news] [concept]
"drug laws" "drug-related" "drug related" "illegal drugs" "drug addiction" "drug users" "drug issue" "drug problem" "Drug Trafficker" "drug traffickers" "drug deal" "war on drugs" "drug war" "dope"
DEA's Drugs of Abuse booklet
 religious use 60%
[news] [concept]
"religious freedoms" "religious"
Religion and drugs
Cannabis: Religious and Spiritual Uses
dea_prime_contractor : companies with DEA contracts of $500,000 or morelarge DEA contractor

dea prime contractor 80%
[news] [concept]

"Wells Fargo" doj...
[news] [concept]
"jail" "prisons" "prisoner" "prisoners" "prison" "incarceration" "incarcerated" "parole" "inmate" "Imprison" for profit prisons prison data clemency14Prison Hell in America (Stephen Lendman, Oct. 2011)
Understanding the U.S. Torture State
this is what a police state looks like
Torture and the United States and... drugs.htm
Profit Driven Prison Industrial Complex (2012)
The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal
Sing a Little Louder
 prison data
[news] [concept]
"incarceration rate" and...
 private, for-profit prison

for profit prisons
[news] [concept]

"Wells Fargo"
Private Prisons and the American Police State
The Pentagon and slave labor in U.S. prisons
Wells Fargo takes heat over investments in private prison industry
Jail Breaks: Subsidies Given to Private Prisons
prison stocks: What Happens When Marijuana is Legal
Prison-industrial complex
World's Prison Capital is Also #1 in For-Profit Prisons
Jailing Americans for Profit (John Whitehead, 2012)
[news] [concept]
[news] [concept]
propaganda theme5
[news] [concept]
"school" "schools" "college" "University"
 forfeiture 50%
[news] [concept]
 aggrandizing government

[news] [concept]

"official" "officials" "experts" "authority" "authorities"10What is Statism?
Conservapedia: Statism
Wikipedia: Statolatry
Bought Priesthood
Worship of the U. S. Government (2011)
Bureaucratic Thrust
Tyranny of Experts
The Media As Enablers of Government Lies
The Statist Mindset (Jacob Hornberger, 2011)
Thinking Critically about Experts and Authority
Michael Levine, Mainstream Media: The Drug War Shills
Statism, Stalinism, and Satanism - What are the Limits?

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    religious_use concept - spiritual or religious use of drugs
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    various_drugs concept - general terms for drugs
    diazepam concept - Diazepam (valium) is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, seizures, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal. It is one of the best known benzodiazepines. (7-chloro-1,3-dihydro-1-methyl-5-phenyl-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one)
    benzodiazepine concept - Benzodiazepines are a class of gabaminergic psychoactive chemicals used in the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders. This class includes alprazolam (Xanax), diazepam (Valium), clonazepam (Klonopin) and others. Most benzodiazepine names end in "pam" or "am". (Various)
    alprazolam concept - Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic commonly prescribed as a sleep aid and for the treatment of anxiety disorders. It is considered to be one of the shorter duration benzodiazepines. (8-chloro-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-[1,2,4]-triazolo[4,3-a] [1,4]benzodiazepine)
    tobacco concept - Tobacco is an annual or bi-annual growing 1-3 meters tall with large sticky leaves that contain nicotine. Native to the Americas, tobacco has a long history of use as an shamanic inebriant and stimulant. It is extremely popular and well-known for its addictive potential. (Solanaceae, Nicotiana, rustica; tabacum L.; ...)
    cannabis concept - cannabis (marijuana) product or use
    opium concept - Opium is a naturally occurring analgesic harvested as a latex from ripe Papaver somniferum (opium poppy) pods. It has a long history of use by humans as an oral and smoked psychoactive. (Mixture)
    nitrous concept - Nitrous Oxide is an aesthetic gas best known for its use in dentistry and as a whipped cream propellant. It is widely available and its effects are short lasting. (nitrous oxide)
    LSD concept - LSD is the best known and most researched psychedelic. It is the standard against which all other psychedelics are compared. It is active at extremely low doses and is most commonly available on blotter or in liquid form. (d-lysergic acid diethylamide)
    heroin concept - heroin, heroine, diamorphine
    crack concept - crack, or other cocaine freebase
    cocaine concept - cocaine; any form
    amphetamines concept - various amphetamines
    opiate concept - a substance derived from the opium poppy
    narcotic concept - a drug that dulls senses, relieves pain, induces sleep
    medical_cannabis concept - cannabis for medical use
    methamphetamine concept - methamphetamine
    magic_mushroom concept - magic mushroom -type hallucinogens
    stimulant concept - a substance that produces stimulation
    tranquilizer concept - various tranquilizers and antidepressants
    intoxicant concept
    psychedelic concept
    dissociative_anaesthetic_gas concept
    analgesic concept
    dissociative_anaesthetic concept
    sedative concept
    euphoric_stimulant concept
    anxiolytic concept
    euphoric_depressant concept
    pharms concept - Psychoactive Pharmaceuticals are over-the-counter or prescription chemicals approved for human medicinal use, with mind- or emotion-altering properties
    plants concept - Plants listed in this section are those which have been used by humans for their mind- or emotion-altering properties.
    chemicals concept - Psychoactive Chemicals are chemicals which have mind- or emotion-altering properties.
    hallucinogen concept - the hallucinogens or psychedelics; also disassociatives
    legalization concept - drug decrim. or legalisaton
    drug_czar concept - a chief government drug propaganda official
    drug_propaganda_agency concept - governmental anti-drug propaganda agencies, offices
    prohibition_agency concept - various drug prohibition and propaganda agencies and police; tax-supported entities dependent on continuing prohibition
    government_prohib concept - infamous prohibitionist who gets (or has gotten in the past) a government paycheck or money to bolster prohibition
    prohibitionist concept - infamous prohibitionist
    drug_policy concept - drug policy in general
    gary_johnson concept - entrepeneur and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson
    drug_reform_party concept - political parties that support drug reform
    drug_law concept
    drugs concept
    illegal_drugs concept - drugs of abuse, so-called
    celebrity_scapegoat concept - zealously persecuted celebrities used by prohibitionists to "send a message"
    moral_imperative concept
    propaganda_theme7 concept - drug war propaganda theme: total prohibiton or access
    propaganda_theme6 concept - drug war propaganda theme: demonize; use of drugs is epidemic; war
    propaganda_theme5 concept - drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugs
    propaganda_theme4 concept - drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse, gateway
    gateway concept - drug war propaganda theme: gateway
    use_is_abuse concept - drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse
    propaganda_theme3 concept - drug war propaganda theme: survival of society
    propaganda_theme2 concept - drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugs
    addiction concept - addition or drug dependency
    propaganda_theme1 concept - drug war propaganda theme: hated groups
    explicit_propaganda concept - an explicit drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or program
    drugwar_propaganda concept - a drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or theme
    drug_related concept - related to illegal drugs and prohibition